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Working With: Rose Quartz

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Looking to open yourself up to connection, love, & true self-healing? It's time to work with rose quartz.

So What Does It Look Like?

A pale pink variation of quartz with milky and pastel coloring due to tace amounts of either titanium, iron, or manganese within its mineral. It is only formed in mounds without any faces, edges, or terminations.

Amethyst's Info

Chakra: Heart

Sign: Taurus & Libra

Element: Earth & Water

Planet: Venus

rose Quartz Lore

Rose Quartz beads have been found dating back to as early as 7000 BC. It's been recorded that ancient Roman, Egyptian, & Greek civilizations used this crystal for its many metaphysical properties & also believed it could prevent aging! So much so that face mask including pieces of Rose Quartz was recovered from Egyptian Tombs. It's also been noted back to 600 BC that Rose Quartz was used as a love talisman in many cultures but was first associated attached to it's lore in Ancient Greece. According to myth, Cupid & Eros- Greek God or Love gave the humans the gift of love in the form of Rose Quartz! It is is also said that Rose Quartz is used to honor Aphrodite- Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty, Astarte- Phoenician Goddess of Fertility, Love, & War, and Turan- Etruscan Goddess of Love & Beauty.

Working With Rose Quartz

Works with the heart chakra to open us up to connection to divine love; through friendship, love, & otherwise

Promotes a soothing, calming to the body & mind that is gentle

Wonderful for children working through emotional challenges

Releases negative feelings attached to the heart such as jealousy, heartbreak, etc

Can work as a powerful aphrodisiac as it stimulates the sensual imagination

Said to be wonderful for aiding in mood disorders

Great for releasing hurt stored in the heart from the inner child or from childhood

Treats ailments associated with the Heart Chakra such as improving the cardiovascular system

Again, stimulates connection and is very powerful to use through pregnancy

A great stone to use when grieving or after a crisis

Meditate with Rose Quartz can help you to quickly feel it's lovely effects, be sure to be intentional!

Though it doesn't work with the third eye, it enhances intuition due to its ability to help us connect deeper

Helps us to make decisions that pull at the heartstrings

Generates feminine energy that restores balance to emotions

Eases moods to soothe tensions in relationships

Increases feelings of self-worth & self-esteem

Rose Quartz Likes/Dislikes

Paired with Ammolite, it's said you can more rapidly connect to soul mates

Rose Quartz can take the heat! It is a great mineral to bring out for some sun charging

Rose Quartz doesn't need to be cleansed extremely frequently but loves it every once in a while with room temp water to encourage it's beautiful charged energy

Loves to work with self love affirmations

Can also be used to work with the sign of Scorpio as it is connected to Venus

Loves to be paired with magnolia and rose

Rose Quartz loves to be paired with Amethyst for ultimate relaxation

Works as a conduit for many different higher powers

Rose Quartz also loves to be paired with citrine to enhance more outgoing & lively connections (and also good luck/fortune)

Did You Know?

Rose Quartz can be used as a talisman, specifically with children to help them stay connected to their parents and love at all times

Charge your baby food with this crystal to promote a healthy connection and feeling of nurturing within the little one

Rose Quartz is actually an abundance stone! It encourages an abundance of love, connection, and authentic prosperity for those in fields of work that use gifts, healing, or caretaking work

Rose Quartz is great to use with animals, specifically abused or sheltered animals

Rose Quartz is great for those to keep around the workplace for those in beauty, childcare, & teaching fields

It's very commonly found in jewelry and makes for a perfect gift for any loved one!

You can place Rose Quartz in the love corner of your home to help the feng shui of your space to be more loving & open for connections to be made

Said to protect against gossip if kept on your desk at your workplace

Stay Cheesin' For No Reason!

Hannah K.

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