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Working With: amethyst

I often get people asking for recommendations when just getting into working with crystals. I usually answer with: Amethyst!

I may be a little bias, as it is one of my most favorite crystals of all time. But I also recommend this high vibin' crystal because it has so many amazing & beneficial properties that are so easy to begin harnessing!

I always recommend working with high vibrational minerals to get started in understanding properties and working with energies. I find most people have little trouble matching it's vibrations (in fact, most people are drawn to it), which makes for less frustrated meditations & disappointing grids and more energy work & intentions!

So What Does It Look Like?

Amethyst is a variation of quartz, colors ranging from light reds to deep indigos.

Amethyst's Info

Chakra: Crown & Third Eye

Sign: Aquarius & Pisces

Month: February

Element: Air

Amethyst's Lore

In Greek Mythology, there's a story of a young maiden, Amethysta, who is on her way to make an offering to the Goddess Diana. Unfortunately, she crossed paths with Bacchus, God of Wine; who had been enraged by a mortal and doomed the next one he see a death by his two tigers. The Goddess Diana quickly turns Amethysta to quartz crystal statue, to spare her the brutal fate. Bacchus is moved by the act and weeps red wine all over her stature, enriching her with deep purple hues.

Working With Amethyst

Amethyst is wonderful to use while meditating & astral projecting. Try using a laying down mediation with Amethyst placed on your third eye!

Very high vibrational, great for comforting.

Extremely calming, works wonders for balancing emotions.

A good crystal to use when working with others, as it will help you listen and emotional intelligence.

A perfect choice to use when connecting with spirit, Amethyst will strengthen your intuition and psychic abilities.

Amethyst is a fantastic sleep aid! Said to help with remembering dreams, insomnia, and an overall more peaceful sleep.

Said to be helpful with headaches/migraines.

Amethyst Likes/Dislikes

Amethyst loves to be paired with Rose Quartz to create a gentle, loving energy.

Lavender is one of Amethyst's favorite herbs. Using lavender essential oil and an Amethyst under your pillow will create a serene sleep.

Moonstone and Amethyst are pals, together they will balance emotions & help to tune into our inner wisdom.

Amethyst also really likes Aquamarine, they work wonderfully to aid us in connecting with our spirt.

Did You Know?

"Amethystos" is the greek word for Amethyst meaning "Not Drunken" & in Ancient Greek, they would use it to protect them from getting drunk!

Amethyst is commonly known as the "natural tranquilizer" for it's calming effects!

Amethyst will give a little boost when placed near a plant that refuses to grow!