Why Avocados Are Magick (National Avocado Day)

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

Sooo, I kinda love avocados. They're able to be used a million different ways, they're so extremely tasty, AND they happen to be super beneficial to our wellbeing too!

Here are some of the amazing health benefits of Avocados!

🌿 Rich in nutrients (like Vitamin K, C, B6, E, Potassium, Folate, & more)

🌿 Great for heart health

🌿 Boosts absorption of plant-based nutrients

🌿 Healthy amount of carbs, great for low carb eating styles

🌿 Helps with healthy digestion

🌿 Strengthens bones

🌿 Inflammatory properties due to its high content of healthy fatty acids

🌿 Packed with fiber

🌿 Makes improvements to mental wellness

🌿 Said to have improvements on cholesterol levels

🌿 Filled with antioxidants

🌿 Boosts cognitive functions

🌿 Great source of energy

🌿 Aids in healthy skin

Do you need any more reasons to be obsessed with avocado? Alright, one more freebie- GUACAMOLE

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In this 2-week online group activity, we'll take small steps each day towards restoring balance & harmony in our lives so that we can easily achieve our beautiful life's goals!

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Stay vegan cheesin' for no reason!

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