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What Is Collective....

To me, Collective means a group or community of like-minded people who are working towards similar missions & supporting one another's endeavours!

I put together a special place on my website to make space for just that- the True Spirit Collective is a place to celebrate the gifts and hard work being put into the collective consciousness to raise the world's vibration! ✨

There are so so SO many ways that people can make an astounding impact on this planet. Whether it be through art, wellness, music, or you name it. I found so much bliss & value when finding a place where my big aspirations and wild wonky ideas were welcomed by all kinds of beautiful souls (who usually had some remarkable ambitions of their own!)! 💖

I let this inspire the Collective space as a hopes to begin to bring holistic, conscious, & those good ass vibe humans beans together to support one another and connect. 😄 Because this journey can be a lonely one at times, why not connect with a couple wanderers along the way?

With this space launching on the New Moon 🌚, my intentions are strong! COMMUNITY. CELEBRATING other's success, fully ENGAGING in this world and seeing what incredible things may happen when a heart-centred group of starlight souls come together.

The more the merrier right?! 😌

Let me know if you'd be interested in being a part of this space!

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