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Ways To Love the Rain During The Spring Showers

"April showers bring May flowers" is the little rhyme that used to swirl around my head when I was a little kid playing in the rain and splashing in the muddy puddles. As I grew up, I had to deal with chronic pain which completely turned around my relationship with the raindrops- the damp weather would cause my muscles to tense leaving me with debilitating pain. It devastated me to not be able to enjoy the cloudy days that I once did. Luckily, I am healed and beyond the days of aches and pains but here's a list of the ways I learned to love the stormy days as we moved into the Spring season.

Open Up Some Windows & Let The Drumming Soothe You

There is something so serene about the pitter patter of the rain drumming on the roof of my home. Rainy days are a favorite time for me to spend meditating to the soothing drumbeat of the raindrop.

Do A Release Ritual

Use some chalk to write or draw whatever it is inside of you that is needing release on the pavement or a sidewalk- be very intentional as you leave whatever it was on the earth and remind yourself that it no longer belongs to you. Watch as the rain slowly washes it away, droplet by droplet, until it's completely gone.

Collect Rain Water

How fun to put out a little cup to catch the water in and measure how much rain poured down! You can also use the rain water in baths or tea to feel more connected to Earth's seasons. Or perhaps to water your indoor plants!

Chill Out With a Rainy Day Playlist

I love putting together playlists for different moods! There's nothing like have a bunch of rainy vibe songs as you take a drive through the stormy weather. Listen along to mine here!

Cleanse With The Raindrops

Stand outside for a moment or maybe go for a little stroll on a day that it's drizzling and be very mindful in the experience. Shift your awareness to the sensation of the raindrops on your skin, the splashing of the puddle as you step, the way the moisture in the air brings out the fragrance of the earth. Envision your skin, every pore, opening up and absorbing the wetness, cleansing and purifying all the energy that does not serve you.

Charge Your Crystals

The ones that like water, of course! Allow your earth gifts to have some cleansing and charging in a cold rainstorm. LOVE doing this!

Make A Rain Chime

I love a good DIY! Try out some fun different ways of making rain chimes to hang outside a window and watch on stormy days.

Rain Divination

For my spiritual sistaaaas! Connect with source by using the rain to give you a message or some clarity.

I'd love to know, what's your favorite way to connect with the rain!?

Stay cheesin' for no reason!

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