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Ways to Celebrate The Summer Solstice

Tomorrow is the Summer Solstice and my fire sign soul is blissed out! I truly love this time of the year, a time to praise Father Sun and welcome the long days of sunshine, firefly riddled night skies, cut grass and wild flower aromas, & all the other magnificent gifts that Summer brings.

Though it's predicting rain here, I have listed some of my favorite ways to celebrate the summer sun for those blessed to see some sun rays!

Make Sun Tea

I love love this simple ritual to my Summer Solstice. Steeping an orange or berry tea in the sun charged with some sunshine vibe crystals (like citrine or carnelian) is a great way to start my celebrating. Though it takes awhile to steep, it's a great way to slow down and be thoughtful of the morning sun.

Make Delicious Treats

I love to use the foods associated with the Summer Solstice to make some yummy treats throughout the day. Some foods known for the Solstice (aka Litha) are berries, peaches, melons, apricots, lemons, honey, cheeses, & sweet creams.

A Sun Tarot Spread

The sun represents the ego/identity, working with the Tarot- letting the sun guide me in releasing blocks keeping me from radiating my truest Self. Here's an idea of a Sun Spread:

1. How is my ego blocking me from growth?

2. How can I begin to nurture & release these blocks?

3. How can I shine brighter in the world?

4. How can I connect deeper to my inner child?

5. What message does Father Sun have for me?

Work with the Solar Plexus

I love to connect with my inner light by doing different chants, yoga practices, & meditations to work with the solar plexus! There's tons to be found on Youtube!

Sun Basking

Man do I wish there would sunshine here so I could bask in the rays while I hoop! Setting out a blanket and spending time in the sunshine is a simple and super beautiful way to connect with the Solstice. Really envision the sun rays penetrating your skin and into your soul, warming you and charging your light!

Sunshine crafting

I am a serious craftaholic, but there's some really beautiful Litha traditions to truly ring in the summer weather.

Maybe create a suncatcher or sun dial, flower crown, design a fairy garden, or chalk your pavements with beautiful bright colors!


I love to end my day of celebrating Father Sun with a bonfire! Taking time to create a blaze and feel the heat of the beautiful element and watch as the flames churn.

What are your favorite ways to worship the Summer Sun?

As always, stay vegan cheesin' for no reason!

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