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The Spiritual Side Of Halloween

As we approach the spooky time of year, I watch the inner child in all of us release this giddiness. Maybe it's the halloween candy reaching the store shelves, but for the spiritual folks, I believe it's the beautiful time of honoring the death and rebirth cycle.

This time of year we get to watch the miraculously moving concept of death as the leaves change and float down to the soil, the earth turns frigid, and life forms seek shelter to mourn the loss of the sweltering summer air. Earth teaches us this rebirth cycle year in and year out, to remind us to retreat inward and allow ourselves a sacred pause or rest.

The sun sets earlier, letting night time in to teach us that darkness doesn't need to be feared. That just as there will be light, there will be darkness too; it's nothing to run or hide from but to embrace with comforting arms. Darkness often gets misinterpreted as evil or bad, when in actuality, darkness represents the things unknown and the mystical abilities of the subconscious mind.

The true "spooky" essence of this time of year originated with the night known as Samhain, where ancient Celts would celebrate the death cycle. This was the time of the final harvest and end of growing season, but also said to be a time when the spirit realm would be able to interact with the living. A veil lifting of sorts.

So how can we use this transformative time of year? Well, we can allow ourselves to do shadow work as we move inward during the brisk days. Taking the time to understand our "darker" parts of our psyche can allow us to accept ourselves as a whole. This is a very introspective and often difficult type or spiritual work that I recommend taking time to learn more about before beginning!

We can use this season to face some fears. This doesn't have to mean torture yourself with scary movies all night (unless you're into that), but maybe addressing that topic you've been avoiding with your partner or introducing a new form of exercise that's been looking a bit overwhelming. Remember, "No one can make you inferior without your consent!", a lil quote from Eleanor Roosevelt to boost up that confidence.

Perhaps, take the time to reflect on the past. Not pine over it, but reflect. Consider what things have been working out for your greatest good and what things can probably get Freddy Krueger'd from your habits. This is a time all about honoring cycles, that things may sometimes need to come to a end. Try the beautiful art of letting go.

And for those feeling particularly spooky, take advantage of the thin veil during this mystifying time of year. Connection with spirits will be heightened making connection with guides and passed loved ones a bit easier. Maybe use this time to enhance those gifts that have come to surface. But please be aware of keeping your energy high and protected!

Love and light (and a bit of darkness!) to you beautiful beings!

Stay Smiling (;

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