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Another Retrograde? What Saturn Has In Store For You

Reflect, reflect, reflect. That's the word that comes to mind when preparing myself for the Saturn Retrograde. But before we talk to much about Saturn, our karmic energy source, let's ponder the days prior.

Mercury left it's retrograde on April 15th, allowing us a few days to breathe, center ourselves, and call to mind any of the malfunctions that may have arisen over the last 22 days. Was I too explicit? Did I hold back? Did I write enough material for my blogs? Did my advertisements reach a broad enough audience for work? This is always my favorite time to work with my throat chakra and nurture it based on my Mercury Retrograde revelations.

We had a New Moon in Aries on the 15th as well. The New Moon is a time that I like to use to review (often journal!) what things were working in my best interest and which things were not throughout the previous month. Following up with a New Moon manifestation ritual, I get ready for Saturn's lessons.

Saturn is our planet of restriction, responsibility, and karma. During this retro period, people might start to see the karmic energies intensify, or my favorite karmic energy- instant karma. Expect to face some things from the past but don't fret, if you feel you have some bad karma headed your way! This is a time to pay it forward & work towards bettering yourself as a person. (cough cough taking responsibility!)

Saturn will be squaring Mercury on the April 25th, this is going to be a sensitive time for communication. We may find the people around us or even ourselves overthinking, hyper sensitive, and possibly a bit rough around the edges. With Saturn's ruthless reprimanding at bay, I don't think I have to remind you to be nicer, but perhaps pay attention to tone of voice and negative thinking during this time. It's a wise idea for us to embrace Mercury Retrograde's lessons and work on our communication skills with this squaring, don't limit your creativity with expression. Perhaps allow yourself to voice more opinions, email your cousin more, upgrade your phone plan, improve your Italian.

My biggest tip for the Retrograde ahead, don't sweat it. It's just the planet doing it's thing in the sky. Saturn goes direct on September 6th leaving us with plenty of time to right some wrongs, let the water under the bridge, & take responsibility for the kind of people we want to be.

Stay Smiling!

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