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Working With: Selenite

The beautiful mineral for clearing and soothing the body, mind, & spirit

So What Does It Look Like?

Selenite is a variation of gypsum, a salt mineral that forms in striations creating a sharded texture that chips very easily. It can be found in orange variations but is typically translucent or a milky pearly luminous color. Selenite's healing is dated back to at least 5,000 years ago, wherein Mesopotamia this crystal was used in a banishing ritual made into a paste- said to hold the light of the Gods.

Selenites' Info

Chakra: All but works closely with crown

Sign: Taurus & Cancer

Element: Air & Water

Planet: Moon

Selenite's Lore

Selenite is translated literally to that of "moon stone". Named after the Greek Goddess Selene, who harnessed energy from the White Moon to cleanse & purify.

Working With Selenite

commonly-known for its cleansing properties, this mineral is wonderful to remove negative energies

one of the highest vibrational minerals, great for connecting with when feeling low vibe

works to remove negative energies particularly related to the crown chakra like toxic thought patterns, painful memories, & excessive worrying

enhances serenity & peace of mind

heightens awareness of the Self & of one's surroundings

work with Selenite in meditation to remove spiritual blocks

helps us to access a higher state of consciousness & remain open to divine guidance

Selenite is also an amplification stone, which heightens energies of crystals around it making it great for gridwork

known to connect one to their intuition, especially that of the crown chakra like telepathy

connects with the womb through lunar energy to regulate women's moon flow

it's said that you can work with selenite to recall past or future lives

similarly to the moon absorbing the sun's light, Selenite absorbs light energy to radiate it's healing

helps to release judgment to promote clearer insights

connects with the Moon to heal womb energy so great for working with menstruating or pregnant women

works closely with the crown chakra to clear confusion & see the bigger picture

give to children who are afraid of the dark to give them peace of mind with the moon rays charged inside

said to improve spinal functions & improve flexibility

also said to improve dental health, particularly that of issues with metal fillings

Selenite Likes/Dislikes

Loves LIGHT! Especially moonlight, be sure to moon charge those babies!

Selenite also likes sunlight too!

Said that combined with bixbite, it can increase libido and fertility

Selenite does NOT like water. In fact, it will dissolve in moist atmospheres

Pair Selenite with Amethyst near your head or bed to improve your sleep quality & promote peaceful dreams

Did You Know?

Selenite cleanses other minerals when placed on selenite or near it!

Selenite crystal balls are often used for scrying, a form of divination

you can put Selenite above or on your doorframe to protect your home from negative energies

Selenite was used in medieval times, placed under the tongue during a full moon as it was said to help predict the future

it's also said that if you put Selenite in each corner of your house, you can protect your home from negativity too!

Stay Cheesin' For No Reason!

Hannah K.

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