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Creating A Sacred Sleeping Space (My Nightly Routine)

As someone whose had trouble sleeping my entire life and is very sensitive to energy in my environment when sleeping, I try to prepare myself for the best rest possible. Highly sensitive people and some empaths tend to struggle with feeling lethargic, low energy, or even psychic attack while sleeping, so learning how to nurture myself- body, mind, & spirit before getting some rest was crucial in my #wellbeing!

Here are the practices I like to do that leave me feeling restored, refreshed, and deeply connected to Self when I awake the next day...

Cleanse Space

Of course, as I always do! I like to set the tone for my evening with a cleansing herb of my #intuitive choice. Starting with myself and then the rest of my space, I ask from cleansing, protection, guidance, etc depending on what I am trying to call in more of for my spirit that night and while I rest. I spend a particular amount of time around my bed, as it is known to hold a lot of #energy from the previous night's rest, dreams, etc. Aiming to be as intentional as possible, I ask for a protected space where I can let my body, mind, & spirit rest and restore. I love to do this before I begin the following steps of my routine, not only because it helps set a #sacredspace, but it also helps me to feel calm and get into a wind-down mode.

Oils & Aromatherapy

Next, I stay with the aromatic calming that comes with cleansing space and heighten this with #aromatherapy. I will use my diffuser with different blends of #essentialoils, again, depending on what type of healing I am calling in during my sleep. I like to use earthy & herbal blends that are known to be soothing, grounding, or promote balance in the Crown or Third Eye chakra. And I always add a few drops of lavender oil somewhere onto my pillow to feel it's serene healing while I am asleep. #Lavender is well known to be calming, improve sleep quality, and balance mood- truly the feel-good oil!


Of course, I couldn't leave out crystals to my sleep space! I place #crystals that are also correspondent with the Third eye or Crown chakra healing on the shelf above my bed. Crystals like Selenite, Amethyst, or #Lepidolite are great for promoting peace of mind, great sleep, and connection to source energy. Depending on what I am experiencing in my life, I may switch things up with whatever my intuition feels pulled towards while setting space but usually, I gravitate towards those three!


I have been (inconsistently) keeping a yoga practice for about 2 years now and I have gotten down the basic sleep poses. So at night, I will lay out my mat and let my body flow into these moves organically and intuitively. Our bodies know how to #stretch for us, so falling into these memorized moves becomes very fluid, especially after a long day! Here's one of my favorite bedtime #yoga flows for those who are getting into a yoga practice.


This is another #practice I have to admit is a bit inconsistent in the way it shows up. Over time, I have begun to find meditation in various practices like #journaling, singing bowls, simply singing or I might just stay is Shavasana after my yoga flow and #meditate laying down to ease right into dreamland.


And lastly, if I haven't practically passed out from my dreamy routine my #intuition has guided me through, I will have some tea! I usually blend lavender and chamomile tea or make Moon Milk to sip on as I ease into bed. These two are often extremely soothing herbs and #chamomile is also referred to as "nature's sedative", making this #teablend the perfect drink for a troubled sleeper.

I hope this routine inspires you to tune into yourself each night and give yourself the best sleep space possible! We all deserve a good night's rest.

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