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Recentering Routine (8 Practices For When It's Time To Get Aligned)

Sometimes in life, we find ourselves needing to reshift, refocus, & reset! I thought I'd shared some practices I like to do whenever it's time to realign with my path & my goals! If you're looking to recenter and develop a deeper connection to your purpose, keep reading...

1. Give yourself time to get yourself feeling better. I always say "you can't pick the fruit the same day you plant the seed" because it's important not to rush yourself into reorganizing your life! Maybe, if possible, ask for an extra day off from work and focus solely on YOU.

2. Tackle the items on your to-do list that keep getting put off (making doctor appts, sending that email, etc) & make it ATTAINABLE so that you can beat the self-sabotage! (I recommend organizing it by priority!)

3. Cleanse your space! This is huge for me because I am someone who is very sensitive to the energy of my space. When my home is cluttered or disorganized so are my thought/emotions. Tidy, sort, and declutter to allow your energy, ideas, & inspiration to flow more effortlessly.

(TIP- go through your home section by section; for instance, first makeup, then clothes, electronics, etc)

3. Clean things that you love to procrastinate like makeup brushes, papers on desk, countertops, dusting, etc.

4. Cleanse the space even further with aromatherapy or sage! Add some feel-good things to charge your space too like crystals, candles, incense, flowers, etc

5. Recharge the mind, body, & spirit. For me, I usually giving myself some time to rest and catch a break from that "Girl Boss Hustle" I often find myself in. Doing something like yoga & meditation to really slow down and meet my body after being out of alignment can really make a difference.

I also love to do a brain dump in my journal and just let whatever wants to come out, come out!

6. Reflect and restrategize- I do this by going through my last month in business & life to see what things were working and what things could be reworked!

This is a practice I like to do monthly with the New Moon as well!

7. Create a Joy Menu full of magical things you love to do! Fit one of these into your schedule each day to help ease the stress of all the new things you've added to your to-do list. Click here to download a FREE Joy Menu!

8. Try meal prepping & planning to help reduce stress through the rest of your week. Doing this always helps me to feel reorganized going into the week ahead & it saves time so I can have meals ready when I'm busy through the day.

I hope these practices help you to feel recentered and ready to take action towards your dreams!

If you missed out on doing the FREE challenge live with us, that's OK! You can still enter the challenge to take on by yourself or with a friend!

Stay (vegan) cheesin' for no reason!

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