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New Moon Ritual

I just wrote about the moon phases and how the energy the moon provides can be extremely powerful in our lives and with manifesting. If you'd like to begin a manifesting journey with me on this New Moon, here's my personal New Moon Ritual for Rebirth and Intentions!

Cleansing & Grounding

First, I like to take time to cleanse my space as well as my essence, usually with sage. I'll open windows and doors and allow the energy in the room to be renewed and cleansed of any energy that is stagnant or left behind from my last cleanse. I'll then take a moment to ground and center myself. Usually I'll ground myself by envisioning my feet turning into roots and penetrating the earth deeply, connecting me.


I then like to move into meditation after letting the sage bring me to a dreamy calm. Before my meditation, I'll set an intention to release and restore asking help from my guides to bring me divine restoration and guidance for the upcoming cycle. I'll then meditate with calming mediation music or with complete silence.


I like to journal immediately after coming out of meditation, this way I am almost still in that meditative & intuitive state that allows me to thoroughly write out insights or reflections I may have received. Then, I'll write out my goals, wishes or intentions very descriptively and in present tense, doing my best to feel the words as I write them. For the last part of the journal practice, I like to write out an action plan. I believe that in order for my manifestations to come into fruition as vividly as I envision them, I have to do my part. By writing a brief action plan for 4 weeks of the cycle, I am able to see what things I can to do to help attain my goals and make it that much easier for the Universe to provide.

Energy Work

During this time, I will work with the Moon's energy to help heighten my intentions as much as possible. I'll usually gravitate towards a crystal grid that is aligned with my goals. There's lots of possibilities for working with energy, feel free to get creative with this step!

Bath Magick

I'll finish up my ritual with a soul soothing bath recipe for releasing. I like to do a sacral focused bath during this time as this is where we tend to store pent up energy and emotion, so realigning and opening this area of the spirit can truly feel like a rebirth. I'll write about this recipe soon! During this bath, I'll set strong intentions of truly letting go- releasing all that we've been holding on to before watching it wash away down the drain.

I truly love doing this ritual, it all came very authentically to me over my time of working with the moon's energy. I encourage you to make it as authentic to you as possible too! Feel free to switch things up or opt out of certain steps if you don't feel like it works for your spirit, this is a time about connecting with that intuition and finding your alignment! Once I find alignment, my manifestations heighten tremendously!

I hope you guys enjoy the lovely moon's energy today! This New Moon is in Scorpio so lots of transformation and rebirth coming into existence, a powerful time for a ritual like this!

Stay Smiling!

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