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Nature Is Blooming & So Are You

Today, I spent almost the entire day outdoors! I've been eagerly awaiting the first day of 2018 that I could say those words. Spending the day in the sunshine had me feeling compelled to write a post about the beautiful metaphor that is our gracious Spring. A quote by Rachel Carson comes to mind-

"There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature- The assurance that dawn comes after night and Spring comes after Winter. "

This quote inspires the thought that, in the darkest times there's always a comfort in knowing soon comes light. Soon, you'll be able to recognize the tools this world is providing you through these hard times and use them to grow into your most extraordinary self.

We all have felt an incredible low, one that makes us feel we've been buried. Perhaps, instead, we've been planted. Picture a sunflower seed, planted in the earth. The seed does not fret that it's deep, low in the ground. It knows that soon, it will peeking out from the soil and into a sunny day.

The sunflower seed does not worry at the thought of a rainy day either. It knows from this, it is able to grow strong, firm roots and push its bud towards the sky. And though, a tough wind will blow and push at the sunflower's petals, still it looks to the sky and it blossoms. The seed undergoes a magnificent transformation throughout all the changing weather and flourishes.

This idea has been resonating with me quite a lot as Spring comes into it's effect. I've been blessed to witness a beautiful growth in people all around me & within myself too. Spend time in nature, spend time with yourself. Discover the tools provided within yourself and all around you. Watch yourself bloom.

Stay Smiling!

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