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My Top 5 Favorite Crystal Pairings

I have been loving carrying crystals around with me for a pretty long time. I remember sitting in class as a teen fidgeting with my minerals in my sweatshirt pocket or toying with my #quartz point I often wore around my neck. This was my (unconscious at the time) way of grounding & connecting to mama earth in times of high stress or fogginess.

I even remember wearing a pouch that my mother had given me when I was so little it hung below my belly button! I kept Rose Quartz & Amethyst in there most of the time as those were the first #minerals that my mother gave to me which led to my first favorite crystal energy duo-

Rose Quartz & Amethyst

This soothing pairing is incredible for promoting a sense of #calm. These are both minerals known to soothe feelings of #anxiety, bring healing to the mind, and allow for #relaxation. Rose Quartz is wonderful for increasing feelings of #selfworth and self-love while Amethyst promotes a quiet mind and carries a high vibration. These two are wonderful to use with children and pets as they are both gentle on the spirit and can promote a loving bond.

Citrine & Quartz

This duo is all about #amplifying our own unique essence. (Our True Spirit, if you well ;P). Both wonderful for stimulating spiritual and physical energy, raising our #vibration, and promoting a good mood. Citrine (otherwise known as Sunshine Amethyst and a variety of Quartz itself) is a bright and #positive crystal, attracting good luck and energy into your day when harnessing its #energy. Quartz is an all-around light crystal. Dispelling any negative energy that comes up and raises the vibration of the wearer to assist them in feeling most themselves. My favorite duo for adding a little extra sunshine to my day!

Angel Aura & Chlorite In Quartz

This is my favorite go-to for #psychic protection. Being in the field of work that I am in, it is important that I keep myself, as a channel, clear and connected to Spirit so I can truly hold space for those that I am working with. I do this through a variety of practices but to help promote this higher realm #protection, I ask for the assistance of Angel aura to connect me to my guides, my ancestors, and Arch Angel Michael. Chlorite in Quartz was recommended to me originally by a local psychic who gave me mentorship on my #empathic gifts. She was filled with beautiful crystal wisdom and shared with me that is one of the most lovely stones to work with to #transmute energy that comes to m as it is a very powerful spiritual cleansing stone. It's amazing for connecting with guides as well but in a more protective sense as it is commonly known for deflecting #negativeenergy and even curses.

Carnelian & Snowflake Obsidian

Oooo this one is all about that personal #power! This is probably my favorite pairing of all, with #grounding, confidence-boosting, passion-fueled energies- this has my fire sign excitement written all over it! Carnelian works with #Sacral & Root Chakras to increase feelings of personal strength, #vitality, & a more earthly connection with others. While Snowflake Obsidian helps to deflect other's energy to help allow us to feel the space to be our unique selves. A grounding stone that works with the #Root Chakra as well, making it wonderful for balance between the body and mind. They're also both incredible for releasing high #emotions, giving more compassion, and promoting deep healing within the Root chakra.

Malachite & Rose Quartz

You know my lovey-dovey self needed to have a heart-opening duo on the list! Rose Quartz makes another appearance on my list because it works with Malachite in a very different and beautiful way. This is my favorite pairing for #meditating through the heart space and asking for any healing in the #heartspace for myself and others. Rose Quartz in this vibration is all about opening up the Heart Chakra to #connection, allowing for an abundance of #unconditionallove for Self and shared with others. It amazing paired with this other mineral as the two as great for strengthening #bonds with others in the space or when given as a gift. Malachite is known to carry amazing physical healing properties on its own but I love to use this powerful, high vibrational stone to active the Heart space. Malachite works to clear emotional and spiritual #blockages that are keeping us disconnected from ourselves and others, thus opening us up to new experiences and welcomes new connections in life.

I truly hope that these crystal pairing of mine inspire you to promote the energy you are seeking in life in a new way! Tell me what your favorite crystal duo is, I always love to hear how people work with their earth treasures!

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-remember that crystals should not be used in place of medical treatments-