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My September Favorites

My oh my, September came with a last little blast of heat! Whether it was the last swelter of #summer or the pressure of the immense emotion Pisces Full Moon that we passed through, there was some INTENSE #energy going on there!

I found this past month to be very #emotional for myself for a few different reasons and I anticipate this upcoming month to be a continuing journey of that.

I feel as though, right in alignment with the #seasons, there's a chapter of my life that is coming to its end. Like the death of a part of myself or a phase in my life and a reemergence of something absolutely astounding is yet to transpire.

Because I have been enveloped with diving deep internally to my past, my old #habits, my thoughts and #feelings around different important topics, and coming to a much more rich and deeper understanding of who I am and why I am.

So, to help me through this beautiful deep dive and yet another venture on the journey of #selfdiscovery- here are some of the wonderful tools, tips, & everything in between that have been there along the way.

1. The Art Of Happiness by His Holiness the Dalai Lama & Howard C. Cutler M.D.

I started this amazing #book ages ago and tucked away as I was caught up in so many readings over the summer that I simply never got around to finishing it. Over the course over the past month I have chipped away at this amazing read yet again and now I am nearly done with it. Some say coincidence, others say fate, I say divine timing. This book seems to keep showing up at all of the right times in my life to relay beautiful teachings on inner #harmony and compassion that always seem to resonate with what's happening in my life. I love the authentic connection that transpires between Dr. Cutler and the Dalai Lama, the #conversations as written are always so easy to digest and take away from because really, what would you ask the Dalai Lama if you could spend a few months interviewing His Holiness? His wisdom is so deep and profound that he has a poetic way of turning our "suffering" and "struggling" all into a minuscule creation of the #mind. If you want a perspective switch, give this a read!

2. Vitamin E Oil

So I have been using different oils on my #skin for yearrrrrrs now. Back before I went #allnatural and struggled with hormone issues from birth control, I had the most flawless skin of my life. At the time I thought that Vitamin E Oil might have been playing some part in my radiant skin but until recently, I didn't realize how much. When I tell you I have been through so many products and routines on my skincare journey- all while learning how to heal my skin and #hormones on an all-natural, vegan lifestyle nonetheless. Vitamin E has come out on the ABSOLUTE TOP for me.

And I want to stress the for me part. Everyone's skin is different, which is why when following other people's advice and my own curiosity I had ended up trying products from #hemp oil, to castor oil, & #rosehip oil to name a few from my 4 year-long journey. For my skin, Vitamin E has been the most beneficial in healing my scars, adding #hydration, evening skin tone, & just overall improving the appearance of my skin. I can always see an immediate difference when I replace this oil in my skincare routine so give it a shot! (With a patch testing first, of course!)

3. Chamomile Tea

If you've been reading my blog awhile, you know I have a thing for #tea. Well just herbs, for that matter LOL. I mention this one particular #herb in quite a bit of my recipes or tea blends and I wanted to give it a bit further appreciation here. This AMAZING herb is also known as "Nature's Sedative" because of it's powerful soothing & #calming properties.

Besides using this incredible plant to have a mega chill-out, chamomile has other amazing healing benefits such as...

  • Improving Digestion

  • Known to Improve Skin

  • Relieves Insomnia & Anxious Minds

  • Soothes PMS symptoms

  • Reduces Inflammation

  • & Is Said to Treat Blood Sugar Conditions

all from drinking this in some tea each day, wild right!?

4. Trevor Hall- Bowl Of Light

This #song was shown to me by a dear friend a few years ago. I was going through a bunch of emotions, try to make sense of things, and feeling as though my emotions have the better of me. All that he said to me when I had broken down to him with all these messages in tears was, "don't carry stones in your bowl of light". It hit me so powerfully then and even now whenever I come back to it, it hits me just as deeply.

All of the music that Trevor Hall creates is utter #magick and filled with beautiful #healing but this song just seems to hit me a little differently. He sent me the link to this song after I had meditated on his words and replied with a thank you. It all became so much clearer when I heard Trevor Hall's heavenly voice sing it out to me on my night drive home through autumn Connecticut back roads.

Every now and then, when I'm needing to come back to the feeling of #thankyou, I listen to this song. To remember that I am cared for in this big world. By source, by my soul family. To remember that I am #light, that's all I was ever truly put here in this plane to feel. Free of agony and internal & external suffering, purely existing in the magick of life. And when I start to pile stones into my spirit, my tools, my being, it is exactly agony and suffering I create. (I highly recommend you look into the Hawaiian story "Bowl Of Light" for a beautiful message)

5. Tapping On Shame

This was a huuuuuuge emotional #gamechanger, let me tell YOU. When I tell you that I carry #shame, I carry shame HARD. Whether it's from external forces projecting their opinions onto me, having an inner turmoil about how I feel about something, or flat out just making a mistake, I let it weigh on me #heavy.

I always said as a child that I never did anything wrong because the worst punishment I got was from myself. So when I had somethings come up from past trauma and patterns replaying out themselves, I realized that I needed to find a way to #release some of the guilt I was feeling because 1- it was absolutely unreasonable for me to place as much #blame on myself as I have the tendency of doing and 2- I was not going to get anywhere productive if I didn't just handle what I was feeling!

Being as though #tapping is a practice I have been seriously committed to and have so much belief in, I knew that it would offer me some kind of relief in the way I was feeling. This Youtube video was seriously SO helpful and like the warmest hug I could have imagined from a tapping video. Jen did an incredible job of covering the raw and real feelings that come along with shame and the way she has us tap through it offered me so so so much #relief as I process my shtuff in life.

So there it is- my favorites for the month of September! I truly can't wait to see what wellness wonders October has to bring!

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