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My October Favorites

I've honestly been so giddy to write up this month's holistic treasures because I have stumbled upon soooo many juicy & wonderful treats that I want to just share with EVERYONE. So let's get right into it!

1. Pre-Workout Yoga Flow By The Journey Junkie

The first has got to be this pre-workout #yoga flow that is just taught soooo wonderfully. I absolutely love the way that Allie instructs this yoga flow, she makes it so easy to fall right into the#poses and really make space in the body. I am really really huge on taking time for #stretching out before working out because it helps me really feel into my body as I'm doing my #exercise and have a more impactful workout. This is definitely an intermediate yoga flow so keep that in mind when hopping into it, but I think it's a really potent one for getting loose and limber!

2. Cedar Essential Oil

I don't know if it's the leaves changing with the cool, crisp #fall weather or the beautiful calming benefits but I have been in love with using Cedarwood for #aromatherapy. While this essential oil is said to have other wonderful benefits like clearing #skin, treating scalp conditions, or aiding in moon flow- I just love to mix a bit of #cedarwood and lavender or patchouli into my diffuser to feel calm and #grounded while I do yoga and get into bed. I love the earthy, rich, musky scent that can be worn as a cologne on it's own, it feel like being surrounded by earth. No wonder it's so grounding!

3. Oatmeal

Something about this time of year always has me wanting really rich & heavy, warm foods in my belly! I just love oatmeal to satisfy this craving because I can dress it with so many different things. It's super easy for those colder mornings that make hibernating seem very appealing and you can even make overnight oats that are waiting for you as soon as you wake up.

Here's what I have been loving adding to mine lately:

- Peaches

-Brown Sugar

-Almond Milk


-Ginger (a very lil)

-flax seed

Soooo yummy & so filling for the winter mornings that are slowly creeping upon us! What do you dress your oatmeal with? Use hashtag #TrueSpiritHolistic to share your delicious & nutrient packed meal!

4. High Vibe Song Pick- Talk Is Cheap by Shanin Blake

I've been following & #listening to this ray of absolute freakin sunshine for a while now but this month, this phenomenal track has been hitting home a little harder. I have found myself valuing the #connections around me much more deeply, friendships revealing their depth and their purpose in our journies, showing how we can be of real service to one another. I have been so grateful to have the opportunity to have meaningful connections with people all over the world and some with people I haven't even met yet (bless this digital era!). The #conversations, stories, and memories we've come to share are so so treasured to me. So here's a song for my friends far and wide, and a cheers to the conversations between us that have been absolutely priceless.

5. Ice Facial

My final favorite for this month is something I have included on and off in my skincare routine since HIGH SCHOOL. Now, usually, any beauty or fashion related habit from high school was the first to be ditched. But this practice is something I had clung onto over the years cause frankly- it WORKS. I honestly have only used it on and off because I would forget about it as I tried new trends or products but I've been sticking with this for about 3 months now steadily for this first time in a few years and I'm once again hooked. I mostly see an improvement in my texture, the size of my pores, and the inflammation of any problem areas which is super soothing during the breakouts that ever occur due to my hormonal imbalance.

Let me know if you'd like to learn how to do an ice facial and more about it's benefits!

I hope you enjoy some of these fun treasures I fell deeply in love with over the last month! Don't forget to show us which ones you check out by using hashtag #TrueSpiritHolisitc!

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