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My Favorite Ways to Work With Crystals

Crystals are truly such magickal pieces of the earth. And just like each of us, they each have their own individual vibration that helps us to vibrate at their frequency. There's so many ways in which we can work with their incredible properties which makes the magick that much more fun too! Here's a few of my favorite ways.

Adjust Your Frequency

Like I stated above, these magnificent little earth gifts are able to help us shift our frequency to their incredible healing properties. By keeping one with you all day either as jewelry or in a pocket/puch, you'll start to experience the frequency shift.

Some people, such as myself, wear a talisman which is a specific object (in this case crystal) everyday so that you create an energetic bond to it, residing at that crystals frequency rather than just harnessing it for some time.

Meditate With Them

I love to meditate with a crystals, I feel as though it helps focus the energy of the experience while I am able to relax my mind. By working with the properties of each crystal, each meditation can be geared towards different areas like energy cleansing, astral projection, grounding & shielding, the list goes on! It's also a great way to connect to the message each stone posses.

Some amazing crystals that have heightened my meditations have been Angelite for connecting with guides and receiving downloads, Labradorite seems to allow me to have some seriously trippy meditations, & Angel Aura has never failed to be a beautiful connection to guides and healing.

Crystal Grids

I love working with crystal grid! I typically use a crystal gird in a manifestation or moon cycle ritual as it is a way to heighten energies of specific intentions using the beautiful properties of each mineral combined. Not only is it a sort of meditation on it own to sit with the minerals and allow intention to create a gorgeous design but it happens to be a great way to get familiar with their energies.

Healthy Sleep

Since I struggled with insomnia for most of my life, one of the first ways I worked with crystals was to heal my bad sleep. It also happens to be the reason I believe so strongly in the healing properties of these treasures. By placing crystals under pillows or near your bed, you may experience magnificent changes in your sleep.

Amethyst is said to aid in insomnia and help with peaceful sleep & Black Tourmaline does wonders for absorbing any energy that doesn't serve us as we rest and dream.


Yes, you can cleanse crystals WITH CRYSTALS. Something about that really mesmerized me as I entered the world of crystal healing. One of the most powerful cleansing crystals is the beautiful Selenite. It not only protects our energy but restores it by cleansing and repelling.

Working With Chakras

Okay, this has to be my all time favorite way of working with these amazing minerals. I'm typically drawn to whatever crystal will help the chakra that is feeling a bit out of balance (which also allows me to know how to nurture myself in other ways too.) By doing it that way, you are also building a connection with intuition! If you happen to know you're feeling a little ungrounded, working with a crystal like Smokey Quartz will begin to shift your vibration and bring your root chakra into alignment.

I'll be writing about the crystals in connection to the chakras soon!

Hope this gave you some new ideas of ways to play around with the amazing energies of this stones!

Stay cheesin for no reason!

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