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My Favorite Posts from 2020

Happy New Year peeps! I am so excited to ring in a new year, I feel like so many of us have deeply upsetting events that will be dated back to 2020, and to have a new year upon us really does bring in a feeling of a fresh start.

I know I am certainly going into 2021 with my arms wide open to the Universe, grateful to see another year and welcoming in all the blessings it has in store. I encourage you to keep your eye on the prize and remain in an attitude for gratitude along with me while we enter this new year but not before allowing ourselves a moment of reflection.

What blessings appeared? What connections were made or strengthened? What lessons were learned?

Giving ourselves a moment of celebration for all of the wonderful that was able to exist in a time that has been so trying not only allows us to make peace, resolution if you will, with the passing year- but it will also open us up to the idea that great things can still exist within contrast. That great things can exist. And we'll be able to recognize them and be thankful when they come into our lives.

I'd like to take a moment to do just that by reflecting on some favorite articles from the last year that were not only so much fun to create for you, but also super LOVED by you readers!

1.) Manifestation Method 3x33

This article absolutely blew up! Holy smokes, over 30,000 reads by you cosmic souls ready to call magick into your lives! I am so so over the moon that this blog article received as much love as it has and I can't wait to share more wonderful quantum teachings in the future!

This article is an amazing manifesting method I have been using for years now to help me stay in alignment with the things I am bringing into existence. Learn how to use this intentional journaling practice to rapidly visualize & connect with your aspirations!

2.) 22 Powerful Manifesting Words

If you've been following True Spirit for a while, you know I am all about affirmations, journaling, and the power of WORDS. Having awareness of the way in which we communicate with others and ourselves can really help us when making shifts in our thought patterns, self-talk, our vibration, & overall positivity. By using these 22 high vibrational words in our day to day or manifesting practices, we can more quickly shift into alignment with our big dreams!

3.) My 5 Favorite Crystals For Intuition

Wow! Over 1k reads on this article has me feeling super, super grateful that my own intuition called me to write out this article for you! As you know, I am all about embracing the amazing properties of crystals and working with their energies in various ways but some of you may not know that it was crystals that initially (re)connected me to my spirituality & intuition. If you are drawn to crystals or looking for a new way to heighten your natural intuitive gifts, check out this article!

4.) Manifestation Method 55x5

Another wonderful manifestation method for the long-term manifestations (which let's face it, the best things usually are). This article is a how to on another amazing intentional journaling practice. Similar to the 3x33, however instead of rapid intention setting within 3 days, this practice keeps us in this vibrational alignment with our aspirations over the course of 55 days! Give this article a read if you're looking to get more committed to your dreams!

5.) 16 Words to Avoid When Manifesting

You guys were looooving these manifestation articles over 2020! It truly warms my heart to know that you're out there shifting into higher vibrations and welcoming greatness into the world around us! Just like how we use conscious language to add new high vibrational words into our day to day, there's a flip side to that! Here's my article of 16 words to avoid when it comes to calling in manifestations- check it out!

So those are my top 5 articles from 2020 and I just KNOW that I'll have even more cosmic content for you all to love on in this new year! Thank you again for all the support in this space and adding to its high vibrational energy so that it can be reciprocated on and on and on!

Stay well and stay cheesin for no reason!

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