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Mercury Retro- Are The Planets Making Me Crazy!?

Updated: May 19, 2018

I cannot lie, I noticed myself acting pretty funky these past few days. I was arguing with nearly every I spoke to and found myself extremely hypersensitive, even weeping, over any minor disagreement! Eventually, I decided I should check out my calendar to see if Aunt Flow was due for another visit. However, instead of showing me it was that time of the month, I saw it was that time of year- Mercury Retrograde.

Before we get into the unusual behaviors that supposedly “come along” with the Mercury Retrograde, let’s talk about what it is- At first people believed the retrograde to be the time of year when Mercury stops in orbit, and then begins to travel in reverse. Astronomers later discovered, Earth is just moving at a different speed than Mercury in orbit. In doing so, Earth creates an optical illusion of sorts, making Mercury look as though it’s standing still and then moving backwards.

Click here to see a video of a Mercury Retrograde module.

Now, moving on to the astrology. The Mercury Retrograde began on Dec 3rd and will end on Dec 22nd in the sign of Sagittarius (o, hey sun sign). So that’s a full 3 weeks of some unusual and unexpected behavior. Those of you interested in astrology may know that Mercury is the planet of rational thinking, reasoning, and decision making. It’s also the planet in charge of communication, whether it be verbal or via technology.This is important because, during retrograde, we may notice a shift in these characteristics.

Because of the retrograde starting as more of a phenomenon, I tend to hear more people associate these shifts with everything going awry. During this time, instead of communicating clearly, we may have a harder time getting our point across. Instead of thinking logically, we may be more inclined to get emotional. Or maybe, texts/emails will get lost in translation, or even not sent at all!

Does this mean that for 3 weeks, your whole life will be a mess and you’ll be arguing with everyone? Absolutely not. Just like everything else in Astrology, the characteristics of a Mercury Retrograde are scientifically supported beliefs. I use astrology as a way of guidance and alternate perspective to the behaviors of myself and those around me. And because I do notice people conducting themselves much differently during the retrograde period, I like to refer to the astrology behind it to gain a sense of patience. I think it is very important to consider that just because people may be composing themselves differently, doesn’t mean it’s a negative thing. It’s just simply, different. I for one, have never been too good with change. I get sensitive to how my loved ones treat me during this period of change. By referring to astrology, and what I know about my loved one’s signs & the energies connecting to the planets, and I am able to gain a sense of mental clarity and calmness. Therefore- inner peace.  

So as you spend this last week and a half in Retrograde, try to keep in the back of your mind that not everyone is aware of the changing energies. You can only control yourself in the situation, so try to remain calm. Think twice before adding your two sense, phrase your words delicately, and remember that others are having a hard time communicating their point too.

Let’s get into the specifics of this retrograde!

Last week, Mercury became in conjunct with Saturn. With Saturn+Mercury in the sign of Sagittarius, ideas tend to arise. Sagittarius’ restless energy was working with you on new concepts, projects, goals, or opportunities. But with Saturn’s strategic vigor, you will be focused. Saturn wanted to help create these concepts but not until there was a plan. Whether it be travel, work, school, etc, Saturn spent time with you last week to help lay out the steps towards your next goal. But we mustn’t forget about our dearest Mercury in retro! Be open to changes or alterations in your plan; try not to think of them negatively but as new opportunities.

Saturn is also the planet of time & delay. So when in conjunct with Mercury (logical thinking & decision making), keep in mind your decisions may have long term effects. Not consequences, but effects! This belief tends to bring along a negative connotation. Some astrologers warn not to sign contracts, start relationships, or make agreements during this time. Rather than putting off a potentially wonderful opportunity in fear of Mercury+Saturn in Retrograde, allow yourself to thoroughly think through each decision and how it could affect your life in the long run.

To give you an example, on Dec 5th, I had friends reach out to me with an opportunity to visit a place I had strongly considered moving to. Up until then, I hadn’t had too many chances to go visit and see if it was a place suitable for me. Before I made any decisions, I really thought out my options and what each one meant. I could 1. Take the spontaneous trip to visit and run a little uncomfortable low on finances in the process, but potentially find a place for me to move into within the next year. Or 2. Not visit, save up on cash, and go to the place I originally decided moving to because I already know I enjoy it there. Neither of these decisions would have caused me distress or ruined my life in anyway. However, the choice I made would be altering my life for awhile in the future.

Another conjunction to keep in mind is Mercury + Venus, on Dec 15th.These two are usually a great pairing, with Mercury’s logical thinking and Venus being the ruler of relationships & advice. However, be weary of miscommunication. Mars will be entering its ruling sign of Scorpio on Dec 9th during this retrograde. This is a wonderful pairing being as though Mars rules ambition & drive and Scorpio is passionate. Mars was spending it’s time in Libra, so a shift into Scorpio energy will have you feeling powerful. Be alert that this may cause people to think you’re coming off a bit aggressive! With Jupiter already moved into Scorpio, we can expect an element of mystery or secrets coming to surface.

Hopefully, this information on what to expect during the last Mercury Retrograde of the year will help you find harmony and balance between the shifting energies of the planets.

Keep Smiling,

Hannah K.

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