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Manifesting with the Moon Phases

I've been really digging cycles lately, it's so mystifying just how connected everything in life is and we can really start to understand these connections when we take a glimpse into life's cycles. One of my favorites is working with the luminous body of the Moon.

Each of her cycles hold powerful energies that can heavily influence us in different areas. I like to work with manifestations during the Moon's cycles to create a more powerful result, this can be things like a new job or even a different perspective on something. Remember, with any kind of manifestation, you have to do the work! The moon will act as a support system or like a booster to your energy but manifestation only works if you do too. If you'd like to starting taking your intentions to a more cosmic level, I recommend continuing reading to learn how to work with the Moon's phases.

New Moon-This is a time for new beginnings or a clean slate. During this phase, we can create plans for the upcoming cycle, formulate new routines to make them attainable, and maybe make some small changes to your life to initiate the start of a new intention.

Waxing Crescent-

During this phase, keep intentions strong. Start implicating those plans from the new moon and collect new ideas for ways to take initiative in our goals.

First Quarter-

I think of this time as the "intuitive action" phase. We might face some challenges, these challenges may even cause us to make some changes to our plans (my rising & mars in virgo has a hard time with this phase LOL). But trusting in our intuition will guide us towards our greatest good.

Waxing Moon-

Trust, trust, trust. This phase may look a lil wonky but as long as we stay in alignment with our intentions, we can trust that they are manifesting in the foregrounds.

Full Moon-

I call this the "Sacred Pause". Let's give ourselves and the Moon a break and some gratitude. We can use this phase to reflect on all that has already manifested for us and all the work that has been done. A beautiful time for resting and giving thanks.

Waning Moon-

After giving ourselves a moment of rest with the Full Moon, we can use this phase to get ourselves ready to get back into action. We can decide what steps we should take next by asking for insights or turning inward for introspective wisdom.

Third Quarter-

Things become a little clearer for us during this phase as long as we've been working with her cycles. Bad habits, toxic thoughts/situations/people, and old patterns may be brought to surface. We can use this time to release whatever doesn't align with our intentions, making room for grander manifestations.

Waning Crescent-

The restorative phase, we can now rest and reflect on the passed cycle; what has been gained, lost, and learned. Your intentions for the next New Moon will likely become very present.

I always notice such an immense difference when I am keeping up with the Moon's cycles and harnessing the magnificent energies that come with them. Sometimes, I find out that what I was intending was not bringing me closer to my greatest good and I am thrown into a tremendous journey over the span of a month. Other times, I'm propelled forward in my goals and find amazing alignment and sychronicity.

I hope that this guide can help you align with the upcoming cycles! Let's work collectively in harnessing the Moon's energy and manifesting beautiful things into this world over the next cycle, I'll be posting my New Moon ritual soon.

Stay Smiling!

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