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Manifestation Method: 55x5

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

HOLY SMOKES GUYS! I am absolutely SHOOK by the amount of interest my last manifestation article received! I honestly can't even fathom that it broke 1 THOUSAND VIEWS, let alone making it to over 3k views!! This blessing means the world to me, so for that, thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read my (near & dear to my heart) blog, who has shared and celebrated my work, or who has supported my dream and the True Spirit Shop in any form!

All of these achievements you've helped co-create are all manifestations within themselves and that's exactly why I keep pushing forward with these visions of mine and again- thank all of you for all the support along the way!

With that being said, I thought I would introduce to you yet another method of bringing these incredible visions of ours to existence with the 55x5 Method.

Much like the 3x33 Method, we'll be working with repetition and time to rewire our #subconscious mind & navigate us towards our #dreams!

Once again, this is a SUPER simple technique that anyone can do, no matter how familiar they are with the #manifesting. In fact, it is one of the easiest ways to begin a manifestation practice! However, this method requires patience & dedication as it takes quite a bit of time to build this #consistent habit and to create those mental shifts that make space for blessings. This makes it an amazing practice to include for self-love or self-improvement goals, adding intentional energy to #longterm plans, or for making mindset shifts that will allow for #abundance in your life.

Remember- the dream doesn't work unless you do! As much as I would love to use one method and watch all of our wildest dreams come to life, we must put in that #intentional #action in order for things to take shape in our physical reality.

Ready to put in that work and see your ambitions take form? Here's the practice...

55x5 Method

Once you've set your space, this can be in a quiet spot or a space set intentionally with manifesting candles, crystals, etc- let yourself and your energy body come into relaxation and the energy of your intention.

Take a moment now to breathe deeply; try a 4 second inhale, 4 second hold, & 4 second exhale to get yourself into a calm or meditative state.

Think about your vision, work with whatever sense comes to you first. Some people can visualize the imagery of their goals clearly. Others might work from different senses; do you feel the white sandy beach between your toes as you step outside from your astounding beach house? Or maybe you heal the waves crashing up on the shore just steps away from your new home.

Tune in to feel the emotion of what it would be like to have that intention now, at this moment. Do you feel liberated, content, or maybe harmonious? Really feel it. Stay with your vision for as long as you can, giving yourself a few moments to really be in the sensations of your ambitions.

Maybe even as you're envisioning this dream of yours, imagine calling it or embracing it into your life. Think of it as something that is on it's way to you already right now.

Slowly blink your eyes open to come back into the present moment, keeping your intention in mind. Stay with the way it felt to envision it for as long as you can as you begin writing your affirmation. Something short and detailed, that will be impactful and meaningful to you as you write it.

EX: I am filled with gratitude to be living in the spacious beach house of my dreams.

Now, begin to very mindfully write out this intention in your notebook or on a paper 5 times.

Each time, be very focused on the words that you are writing; what they mean, how they feel, what they symbolize coming into your life. I am someone who believes that- as powerful as the mind can truly be, working with the vibrational energy of sound can create an even more powerful manifestation. So maybe try saying your intention out loud as you write!

This is what you will do for 55 days in a row. (I know, that's a long time!)

Each day, ideally around the same time, you will sit down mindfully with your dream as you put conscious effort into embracing it in your life.

The reason why this has a different effect than the 3x33 method is that- while extremely effective in revving up the energy of your manifestation, this method is actually creating habitual changes too. By spending time with your intention daily for nearly 2 months, you will be shifting your energy into the frequency of your dreams, raising your vibration to allow for more blessings, and make slow shifts in our thought process around the intention.

Anyone who has manifested some real GOLD nuggets in their life will tell you that good things take time, but that doesn't mean your manifestation can't take shape before the 55 days are up! This is a great practice for building belief in not only manifestation as a whole, but in ourselves too!

Putting in the conscious effort to make our dreams reality is not easy work but when we see the things we've been striving for come to fruition before our eyes, we can start to really believe in the work and energy we are putting into our goals. Therefore, revving up that energy behind our intention even further & calling in blessings we may have never even fathomed for ourselves!

They say in business that "consistency breeds results" and I have found that to be true in most areas of my life too! Stay patient and stick with it! We're all rooting for your dreams!

If you find that you're someone who could use a lil support on your journey of bringing your big dreams to life, join us on our various social media platforms or use the hashtag #TrueSpiritCoaching to show us what incredible things you're working up!

Stay cheesin' for no reason!

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