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Manifestation method: 3x33

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

If you've been following me over on the True Spirit Instagram page, you've probably seen me posting a ton Lately about manifesting & may have even seen me working with some different tools to propel these #bigvisions of mine forward.

By working with the Law of Attraction, the #subconscious mind, & energy work, I have had my eye on the prize and am blessed to say some of the things I've been working towards of are actually taking shape in my reality!

So I figured, why not share the wealth of knowledge & help some of you bring more of your visions to life too! I have some #manifestation tools throughout this fun blog but I'll also soon be posting some new video tools on topics like law of attraction, manifesting with #vibrations, and more to help you really understand how to harness the energy of your dreams.

This method is simple enough that I think anyone can work with it, with or without a foreknowing of the wonderful world of manifestation. So I decided to share this tool with you here first!

Of course, as I say sometimes- the dream doesn't work unless you do! You had to put in that aligned and #intentional action to see those incredible results take place but we can create even more amazing results in our reality by working with these kinds of consciousness expanding techniques.

The 3x33 Method

Once you've set your space, this can just be a quiet spot or a space set intentionally with manifesting candles, crystals, etc. Just as long as you are able to be still and focus on your vision.

Take a moment now to breathe deeply; try a 4 second inhale, 4 second hold, & 4 second exhale to get yourself into a calm or meditative state.

Think about your vision, work with whatever sense comes to you first. Maybe you see your goal very clearly as a bright and vivid picture of whatever your ambition is. Or perhaps you can smell it, a restaurant opening or essential oil company you're crafting in your home. Can you feel the emotion of what it would be like to have that intention now, in this moment? Do you feel secure, healthy, joyous? Really feel it. Stay with your vision for as long as you can, and just give yourself a few moments to really be with it. Maybe even as you're envisioning this dream of yours, imagine calling it or embracing it into your life. Think of it as something that is on it's way to you now.

Slowly blink your eyes open to come back to the present moment, but stay focused on your goal. Stay with the way it felt to envision it for as long as you can as you begin writing your affirmation. Something short but detailed, so it can be impactful and meaningful to you as you write it.

Example: I am surrounded by deeply loving friendships or I am blessed to be working at the coffee shop I love.

Now, begin to very mindfully write out this intention in your notebook or on a paper 33 times. Each time, be very focused on the words that you are writing; what they mean, how they feel, what they symbolize coming into your life. I am someone who believes that as powerful as the mind can truly be, working with the vibrational energy of sound can create an even more powerful manifestation. So perhaps, try saying your intention aloud as you write it, as this can be a useful way for you to stay in the energy of what your dream feels like and looks like too.

This is what you will do for 3 days in a row. Each day, ideally around the same time of day, you will sit down mindfully and spend a moment with your dream getting very clear as you really put some conscious effort into embracing it in your life. This tool works in a similar way as typical affirmations, as it not only trains your mind into working from that mindset and vibration but it also helps us to really create intentional healthy habits and strengthen our awareness.

I hope this tool is helpful for all the amazing things you're working on bringing to life! I would love to hear what things you're manifesting, so please feel free to tag True Spirit in your big dreams with #TrueSpiritCoaching!

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Stay cheesin' for no reason!

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