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Let your Spirit Wanderlust Captivate you with Self Discovery Journaling

We all know by now that I am a HUGE fan of journaling. It can be so healing, calming, & motivating to create a journaling practice. I've written about Bullet Journaling to help get organized and focused. There's free writing that allows us to find stillness and connect with our thoughts. But one of my favorite ways to journal is to answer some thought provoking, self discovery questions.

By answering these questions, we dive deep within ourselves and reflect on our inner being. Connecting us to our most authentic selves, establishing a definitive idea of who we are and what matters to us most.

I use the term "Spirit Wanderlust" to describe the desire to explore every corner of our essence & to connect with our soul's purpose. There is something so beautiful about getting to knew ourselves so deeply and spiritually. This is why I decided to compile a collection of my favorite soul enriching questions to create this Ejournal for you.

The Spirit Wanderlust Ejournal can be used as a daily journal practice or as a place to come back to every now and again to regain a familiarity with our truest essence. Beginning with a Gratitude List to add to each day, this journal is a place to come to feel peace of mind & enrich our souls. When doing this journal practice myself, I found that taking a day or two between questions allowed me to truly consider my responses and see how I practice it within my day to day life. I also noticed that reflection of my answers was really a big part of this soul discovery journey as well. Taking time to go back and re-read entries to see how they may have changed and if the realizations had in my writing were carried out over time became extremely insightful.

Some questions you can find in this Ejournal:

Who do I need to be in order to reach my goals?

What are some things I can start doing that will positively impact my life?

What do I want to remind myself of when things are getting tough?

I've truly found a lot of peace of mind as well as connection to spirit during my time answering these questions, and I truly hope that this Ejournal can do the same for you. Which is why I am offering this to my readers completely FREE!

Much love to you, soul adventurers! Stay Smiling!

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