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June Favorites: KoKo on the go!

life has definitely been keeping me busy these days!

and while I am looking forward to some moments to settle and get back to my passions like connecting with the amazing souls like those in my women's community, burning stories into wood, and sharing earth's treasures with you all.. I truly can't wait for this journey to continue to unfold.

here's a peek at what is zooming around with me in my bag these days...

I received a @Dove Deo Refillable aluminum-free deodorant free from @influenster in exchange for my honest review-! It's really surpassed any expectations for a gel & aluminum-free #deodorant. Not only is it #ecofriendly, (which we love around here!) but it's actually really moisturizing and gentle on my super super #sensitive skin! Will I refill? Not sure yet! I really do love my all-natural brands for sure, but for now, I'm loving this scent, texture, & longevity of this deodorant!

shoutout @ court for being the OG of swapping cool #clothes & bags with me, this bag is seriously neverending, I can practically use it as a hammock as well. Also, thank you a million for these SCRATCH PROOF #shades (u know me too well) that have been on my face at practically all times.

another thank you to my squish @ con for always finding little ways to show the people around you that they are loved. I am reminded every time I look down at these tiger's eye & #turquoise beads. LOVE that you didn't even realize it was my #birthstone when you bought it for me. I miss you and love you so very much! we'll reconnect soon.

I couldn't be out and about without some body essentials! I love the smell of this @goodchemistry vegan & clean #bodyspray that is so cool & light smelling that I feel as though I am being sprayed with ocean mist with each spritz! The scent is Cool Glacier with #essentialoils that create notes of spring water, sea salt, & wild #mint- it's distinct but refreshing.

Can't forget about something to #nourish my skin with a little pampering throughout the day. I have loved vitamin e for some time, it's one of my favorites to replenish & restore my skin after a summer night #skincare routine

And as for nourishing the body in another way, I have lugged this #water bottle around for awhile now! It's my favorite because it holds a full liter and it also has measurements on the side that keep it really simple for me to be #conscious of my water intake. Especially with these last few super steamy hot days, I have been watching my water intake a little more closely.

Lastly, I have been loving these Primal Spirit Vegan Jerkys to add to my bag as a lil bite when on the go! They are definitely flavorful and textured like #jerky which I have found hard to come by since going vegan 3 years ago! I especially love them because they are something I can share with my nonvegan partner on the go or on #hikes, etc.

I am super excited to share more about what's been keeping me on the go and quite busy lately. But for now, I wanna hear about something that's made your life a little easier this summer, whether it's a practice, a product, a person! You name it below in the comments!

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