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How To Work with Selenite

So I wrote about Selenite and all of its incredible healing & cleansing properties awhile back but I thought I would write another little post for you today about just some of the incredible ways we can actually work with the energy of this healing!

1. Cleansing

I loooove how high vibrational this mineral's frequency not only sits at- but resides at. This is one of the few minerals that doesn't require #cleansing of any kind and can act as a cleanser for other minerals around it! Selenite can commonly be found in as plates, wands, shaped into prayer bowls, and more which make for great places to cleanse or #charge it's you deem sacred. You can use your Selenite wand to give you an aura cleansing! Like an eraser, move the wand along your #energy body (a few inches away from your skin) and hold the intention of cleansing or releasing as you move through your whole being.

2. Protection

Because of its known #protective qualities, it's said that if you place a piece of selenite in all corners of your home it will work to divinely protect your space from negative or darker energies.

3. Meditation

This is an astounding mineral to use for working with the Third Eye & Crown Chakras, especially when #meditating, as it's said to access higher states of consciousness and help us open up to divine guidance. This is a great mineral to meditate with when intending to connect deeper with #source or with Self.

4. Heal The Crown

Place this mineral on the Crown Chakra and either lay with it or meditate laying with it to allow it to clear out any energy that might be causing fogginess, confusion, or overall lack of clarity. You may also want to place a piece near your head while sleeping, like on a nightstand, to promote restorative sleep for the mind and overall healing for that #chakra.

5. Connect To Womb or Lunar Energy

Working with Selenite is a great way to promote a deeper connection to Lunar energy which carries our #inner world; emotions, thoughts, deep patterns/behaviors, our gut feeling, etc. This is all really powerful energy that is accessed through connection to feminine or #womb energy. Gender isn't relevant to how much masculine or #feminine energy we might carry but to feel more deeply connected to Self & more harmonious in life, balancing the #masculine and feminine & knowing how to channel each energy is really powerful.

So there you have it, 5 ways to work with this incredible healing mineral that is not only stunning to look at but can do absolutely stunning things for our spiritual health too! I hope you enjoyed learning about some ways to work with you healing crystals. Use hashtag #TrueSpiritHolistic to show us how you're channeling your Selenite's healing!

Stay Cheesin' For No Reason!


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