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Reconnecting To Your Light When You're Drained

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Humanity is at a pivotal point in history right now. Amidst a global viral pandemic, the US created an uproar across the globe to seek justice for #GeorgeFloyd and a disturbingly long list of other names belonging to black PEOPLE who deserved much, much better from this world.

But their deaths- though unfortunately, not as appropriately honored as one would pray, will not go unnoticed, unseen, or diminished. These people invoked a change in this country that was long overdue but for a pitiful many- unexpected.

I know for myself & a lot of the black #community, our hearts not only feel heavy but our entire spirit is low with empathy for one another's painful experiences. I believe we've all tapped into this astounding, ever-existing #collective energy. Which itself can be looked at as a gift of unity through these trying times. However, what I feel more of right now is the collective hurting.

These are extraordinarily painful times. Because the fact of the matter is, whether we are experiencing it first hand, in real-time at protests turned ugly or from our homes in dismay, there is a black trauma we are experiencing.

We are witnessing the very terrifying part of our reality; racism, oppression, sheer brutality from police that has either lingered with us from experiences in the past or it's a part of our daily life experiences. Either way, this painful truth is being (rightfully) plastered everywhere right now for us to relive and work through time and time again.

It is heavy times, these feelings that have begun bubbling up are not only extremely valid but also a powerful resource for us to tap into and process more deeply. Feel angry, feel sorrow, feel whatever it is we need to so deeply that it gives us guidance instead of overwhelm.

If you find yourself feeling very lethargic, drained, heavy, or overall unwell. I offer you a moment to pause, rest, and reconnect with yourself so that you can truly show up for yourself and the people around you during this time.

  1. So you've been demonstrating, marching, signing every petition you can, donating, volunteering and now you feel depleted. REST. Your energy towards something so powerful and of so much value is appreciated, now appreciate yourself and your restoration period. Aim for a solid 7-8 hours, sleeping even longer than that might leave you feeling lethargic when you wakeup. I recommend taking a power nap (27 minutes is recommended for the best nap!) later in the day if you're feeling quite tired after only 8 hours.

  2. CLEANSE. Literally, wash your body and wash everything away. This can be done in an intentional shower (opt-in some grounding shower methods if feeling compelled) or in a relaxing bath- read my Reset Bath Magick Recipe here. Either way will work effectively as long as you really allow yourself to be mindful and present with your experience in the water. In your shower, really feel the water fall over your body, helping your energy to find fluidity, pulling anything that is damaging your spirit away with it. Be mindful of the drain, watch as the water collects and flows away from you and your space. And as I always recommend in my Batch Magick recipes, really envision your body pulling in the energy of the water- what it teaches you, how to feel more fluid, or simply feeling it surrounding your being. Let your intention be to let all the energy that does not serve you to release into your bathwater. Watch your tub drain after your out of it, again watching it slowing flow away from you and your space.

  3. Next, I'd offer you to consider how you've been eating. I am someone who experiences a "nervous stomach" and gets sick or has a very poor appetite during times of high stress. I combat this with eating foods that are easy to get down like smoothies, soft foods with dips, and I also like steaming veggies that aren't too hard to break down so that I am able to get as much nourishment in as possible. Avoiding fast foods, greasy foods, foods with lots of salts or sugars can be a quick way to beat the sluggish, low vibe feeling. (Learn more about raising your vibration in my latest youtube video here)

  4. Another suggestion for really allowing some restoration is to meditate on the thoughts and feelings you're having. Sit with them, invite them into your mind with an open heart and understanding instead of judgment. Ask them what they are seeking from you? Ask them to share some ways to let them move through you. Perhaps journal about your meditation or as an alternative stream of consciousness to just spend a moment really connecting with the things you've been feeling. (Learn more about how journaling can be a powerful self-discovery tool here)

  5. And my final suggestion for coming back to feeling yourself would be to do somethings that completely take you into the zone. Where you can bliss out, lose track of time, and really reconnect with yourself through something you love. Maybe this was something you got from your meditation or maybe something you've had waiting for you from your Joy Menu. I suggest trying to find a way to do it outside or in nature, or simply sitting outside or in nature can be truly the most healing thing to do in itself! Mostly, just remind yourself that you can feel all of the feelings and still be able to come back to you. Keep in mind that, while your efforts are admirable, you don't have to burn yourself out to make an impact. Stay authentic & kind with yourself and you will be a greater gift than you will ever be drained and depleted of your life source energy!

Please, do your best to smile to one another during these times & do what you can to support the #BLM movement

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