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How Dancing Heals

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

The other day, I asked what you're favorite methods of getting high vibrational are. I received lots of wonderful answers but was delighted to see how many people love to use dancing as their number 1 way of raising their vibration! It inspired me to look a little deeper at the healing effects of this action we all do!

Looking at hieroglyphics and other artifacts, dancing can be traced back even further than 3200 BC. It is a innate, primitive response living deep within our bones when our spirits harmonize to the Earth's rhythms; whether this be through experiencing music, drumming & rituals, or simply aligning with the flow of life.

Human beings may be social creatures, but we also exist through movement; gestures, expressions, motions like walking & jumps. We've all boogied a little happy dance at least once in our lives! Maybe after that super yummy meal or getting the best toy EVER on Christmas morning. Our bodies flood with bliss and instinctually responds with dancing movements to release that little rush of "happy" adrenaline. In instances like these, dancing can be thought of as an instinct; almost like pulling away your fingers after touching something hot. To me, this further shows that dancing is the ultimate form of expressing the emotions that are far too powerful for words.

A great example of dancing to express what words simply can't do justice can be examined in that of rituals or ceremonies before war, for healing, and in worship. For many tribes, it's thought of as a way to connect with source energies and acts as a method of prayer, like some may bow.

We can also look at dancing as a beautiful tool for releasing. Sometimes, our bodies go through so many high energy experiences without releasing the motions, expressions, or words that we innately needed to be acted out but didn't due to social behavioral patterns. This energy begins to feel stagnant and pent up in our bodies leading us to experiencing negative effects on our mood, thinking patterns, and sometimes even manifesting in physical ailments.

By allowing our inner wisdom to move our bodies, we may find our limbs want to stretch, twist, hop, and RELEASE any reactions or responses that were restricted in our day to day. Our bodies have an amazing intuition that will always be guiding us in the direction of healing.

Dancing is often used as a method for reaching meditation as well. As we align with our inner rhythms & outer world, regain balance as we move, and let our ego rest through dancing, we make space for streams of thoughts or downloads (like words, symbols, or images) to flow. This becomes an amazing time for expanding consciousness and raising vibration. It's important as you dance to just ALLOW what ever comes through to come through. Connect with that inner child who wants to thrash their limbs to and fro, without questioning how it looks but rather just enjoying the way is feels.

It's also is said that dancing is wonderful way to generate energy into the aura when we feel low vibe or low energy and can allow us to be really present with our bodies, grounding through our being.

This gorgeous, fluid way of moving is also a form of engaging socially; a communication where words aren't needed. We all know how powerful the healing of human interaction can be! (WILSONNNNN) Dancing allows us to have a different sort of social experience that again, seems too big for words. Depending on how people dance, they may experience a sensual or celebratory connection with one another. Much like the tone of voice people use to communicate depending on whether they're speaking to strangers or loved ones, dancing has a way of expressing the connection between people as well.

As you can see, this incredible action we all have the ability of doing can act as very powerful method of healing and spiritual development. But dancing also has some astounding physical health benefits too. Such as improving balance, flexibility, & coordination, reduces symptoms of depression & anxiety, strengthens bones & reduces risk of osteoporosis, makes positive impacts on heart, lung, & cognitive functions (like motor skills and memory in aging people), as well as aids in weight management & muscle toning.

I hope that this article inspires you to go and dance like no ones watching and to connect with your truest self!

Check out this great list of different styles of spiritual dancing.

“Dance, when you’re broken open. Dance, if you’ve torn the bandage off. Dance in the middle of the fighting. Dance in your blood. Dance when you’re perfectly free.” ~ Rumi

Stay Cheesin For No Reason!

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