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Healing Powers Of Tangerine Selenite

Tangerine (aka Peach Selenite) wand is super beautiful and exotic looking crystal. Learn more about this dreamy wand below!

Tangerine Selenite's Info

Chakra: Sacral

Sign: Cancer & Taurus

Month: April, May, July

Element: Earth & Air

Working With Tangerine Selenite

Connects us to earth and source energy

High vibration crystal

Said to ease electromagnetic energies within space

Sleeping with this mineral is said to heighten lucid dreaming & remembrance of dreams

Great to use when embarking on spiritual journey or new path in life

Cleanses the aura and Sacral chakra

Stimulate creative energy

Increases tranquillity & self-assurance

Said to protect space when placed in corners of home

Allows us to transform and heal old wounds

Great for chord cutting making it ideal for hsps

Elevates consciousness & self awareness

Meditating with this mineral is said to help with recalling past lives

Great amplification crystal to use in grids or holding space when magnifying or heightening energy

Tangerine Selenite Likes/Dislikes

This crystal does NOT like water! However, dissolving flakes in charged water will create a wonderful cleansing mist!

Loves to be used with confidence boosting mantras!

So happy to be able to offer this super spiritual stone in the shop here! Let me know which mineral you'd like to learn more about next!

Stay cheesin' for no reason!

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