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Grounding with the survivor's stone: Turitella Agate

I've been so grateful to be able to work with Turitella Agate's energies for awhile now. Something about it's grounding, soothing properties make me feel so deeply connected to it, pulling me to it's vibration almost effortlessly. If you are interested in doing some soul work, I recommend this stone for sure! Here's even more amazing properties this stone has to offer.

So What Does It Look Like?

Turitella Agate is a mossy brown or even black stone with fossilized snail shells encapsulated within the mineral

Turitella Agate's Info

Chakra: Root

Sign: Gemini/Virgo

Planet: Mercury, Moon, & Saturn

Month: May/June

Element: Earth

Turitella Agate's Affirmations

I acknowledge my roots & where I come from

My past strengthens me

I grow through what I go through

Working With Malachite

Known as the survival stone, it's properties are said to help protect and strengthen.

A traveler's stone to aid in safe journeys.

Can enhance relationships with oneself and those around.

Holding ancient lifeforms, this stone deeply connects us to earth's energy.

Known to connect to our roots and ancestors, great stone for accessing Akashic Records.

Can give self confidence and composure.

Some say that this stone can aid in concentration and perception.

Transitional stone, helps to move from one phase of life to another.

A wonderful stone for healing through trauma, helps to overcome deep seated feelings of anger, fear, or sadness.

Can be a great stone to carry when feeling lethargic or low energy.

Very spiritual stone that promotes inner peace and connection to source energy.

Did You Know?

When buried, Turitella Agate is said to heal endangered, rotting, or polluting earth.

Is a great stone to wear as a talisman!

This stone is excellent for meditation as it brings inner harmony and connect us to source.

If you'd like to work with the lovely energies of Turitella Agate, there are a few of these magnificent stones in the shop!

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