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Generate Sun Energy With Pyrite (My July Crystal Pick)

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

July was a very lively month for me, filled with a lot of spontaneity and fun! It was a time I spent giving up a lot of trust to the source that I was being guided in the right direction as well opening up to my fullest self. The mineral I kept gravitating towards was the beautiful and unique Pyrite, AKA Fool's Gold! I figured I would study it a bit deeper and share it's properties with you!

So What Does It Look Like?

Pyrite forms as a chemical reaction with shimmery gold metallic color, very heavy mineral

Pyrite's Info

Chakra: Solar Plexus

Month: July & August (lol didn't know that until writing this :P)

Masculine Energy

Element: Earth & Fire

Pyrite's Lore

It's name comes from the Greek word ‘ pry,’ which means fire. Gold crystals typically honor Persephone, the goddess of spring & rebirth.

Working With Pyrite

generates the power of the sun to increase personal power

stimulates flow of creative energy

gives confidence to go after new ideas

encourages abundance & prosperity

very protective & strengthens auric field

helps bring balance to power

increases energy and combats mental exhaustion

brings strong feelings of self worth and confidence

transmutes negative emotions/thoughts into positive energy

helps to make clear and grounded business/financial decisions

Pyrite Likes/Dislikes

Likes to work with the Third Eye to help in clear seeing through manipulation or deceit

Loves working with students to help improve ambition and focus

Likes to be in the sun & can use a good sun charging every now and again, great to use in sun rituals

Enjoys being paired with dandelion, sunflower, lemongrass, rose, carnelian, & fire opals

Did You Know?

Pyrite creates sparks when struck with metal or stone

Pyrite can be used for divination by mirror gazing into it's polished surface

Let me know what crystals you'd like to learn more about!

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