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Working With: Full Moon Practices

My entire life, I always found the phrase "it must be a full moon" so compelling. How collectively, over time, so many people began to act out of character during the time of the #fullMoon that this became a common phrase.

As I grew into adulthood and began to learn about the lunar cycles and the incredible energy She possesses, I came to understand that the full Moon simply acts as a fragment of time for heightened and #intuitive awareness. In many cultures and in astrological beliefs, the Moon represents the womb. Motherly, #feminine, intuitive, fluid energy that tends to play a big role or symbolism to our internal worlds. When this is changing it can feel unexpected and unbalanced, leaving life to be a bit out of wack!

This is why I feel most spiritually, physically, and emotionally #aligned when I am keeping up with the lunar cycle (and all of astrology!). I find that I am able to work better with the ebbs and flows of life, connect more compassionately with others, and deep dive within myself more powerfully when I am aware of the changing energies to work with them instead of against them.

If you're brand new to working with the #lunarcycle, I recommend you check out my article Manifesting With The Moon Phases. This is a great starting place in understanding what each phase represents energetically & how to harness that energy in practical ways.

Not only does this period of time increase our innate intuitive abilities anyway, but this can work as a wonderful time to really reconnect with our path, our blessings, and practices intuitively that might help you to remain aligned with your #intention that was set on the New Moon.

By crafting a Full Moon ritual with things that you feel drawn to for introspection, growth, direction, or maybe healing, you are also strengthening the intuitive gift that exists within you. I highly, highly recommend meditating on what practices resonate with you during the gratuitous energy of the #sacredpause, as whatever things feel right for you are meant to further you on your journey.

But if you're really feeling stumped, here are the practices I typically do for each Full Moon.


This is a practice I do all of the time but find particularly useful during the times of the Full Moon when I often have very vividly wild #dreams for myself & for others. As some of you may know, I do Dream Readings as one of the services with this lovely crystal shop I've curated & oneiromancy has been very important to me all of my life! It is when I am able to be most intuitive and receptive to what choices, feelings, or things that my heart and inner knowing are feeling most called to. On the morning of the Full Moon, I usually wake up with a wild dream that I will write down in my dream notebook to stew on & interpret later. I will be talking about #dreamwork more soon, so keep a lookout if this topic interests you!

Cleanse Space

During the night of the Full Moon, I begin my ritual by creating my space. Wicca & witches also call this casting a circle, essentially I am creating an energetic space that is sacred and protected for me to begin my spiritual work. I cleanse usually with various types of sages, cedars, #cinnamon sticks & other herbs depending on where my intuition is guiding me for that particular ritual. Starting with myself, I pray and ask for cleansing & protection from my guides & ancestors. I will continue burning these herbs all around my space and through my ritual to represent the element of air.


After I have set the space for healing & energy work, I begin to do a yoga flow. This usually includes Moon salutations but I also like to drift to some of my favorite Youtubers for their incredibly put together #yoga sequences crafted especially (& intuitively!) for each Sacred Pause!


I will often follow my yoga flow up with a meditation of some kind. Sometimes I remain in Shavasana and drift into a laying meditation from there. Other times I will use my singing bowl to find meditation, it all depends again on what my intuition is pulling me towards at that moment in time of course.

gratitude list

Because the Sacred Pause is a time for us to collectively give back gratitude for all of the synergetic & harmonious work that the Moon has done for us over the last cycle (especially for those of us who are asking intentions of Her each New Moon!)- I try to instead of asking for manifestations, open myself up to an attitude of gratitude. It may be difficult to avoid wanting to harness her magnificent energy for manifesting if we have been working closely with the lunar cycles to bring our aspirations to fruition. But, I try to focus on all the ways I was shown what course to take, what actions to prioritize, or what things to release. Because most of what lunar work truly is, is the fine-tuning of our intuitive action plan towards our dreams- over and over until we look back and realize we've manifested a majority of the things we originally wanted.


I like to end my ritual with a form of divination under the Moon when possible! This can be through various different mediums like crystal readings, tarot spreads, or Moon & star scrying; those tend to be my favorite ways to remain open to intuitive guidance. I will typically ask "Does Luna have a message for me tonight?" to celebrate and remain open to Her divine wisdom but I do not search for answers as I recognize it to be Her time to shine.

I hope this helps you find inspiration towards creating your own intuitive Full Moon Ritual and that you celebrate Her lovely energy feeling more richly connected!

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