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Expect The Unexpected!

Today we have the sun in conjunction with our playful Uranus. This duo has us on the edge of our seat with restless and excited energy.

Uranus will have us feeling the urge to try something new or do something extraordinary, don't deny yourself this desire to do something different! Harness this energy and allow yourself the day to be bold and adventurous. (My sag sun loves to hear this prediction LOL)

Don't confuse bold with risky though! Uranus is also the planet of accidents so acting impulsively could become dangerous. Think career- as we are in our Saturn Retro that is propelling us forward by karmically removing anything from our lives that no longer is serving us.

Let's also not forget that Saturn's karmic energy is enhanced right now because of this retrograde, so don't let Uranus' buzzing zeal lure you into making a choices you don't want to have to face later!

This transit can be beautifully wild if we harness it's spirit correctly. Do your best to stay open minded and embrace the eccentric circumstances, changes, and people who may enter your life today!

Tomorrow, we can expect a much more level headed, secure day as the Sun enters Taurus.

Have fun today & stay smiling!

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