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Updated: Oct 24, 2019

Today is National Eat What You Want Day (LOL yes, another national holiday I am very excited about). I felt like this was a great opportunity to write about a topic I discuss a lot with my clients; how maintaining a healthy lifestyle and reaching whatever wellness goal we have is best achieved by making sustainable lifestyle choices.

No diets, no fads, no earning your "guilty" pleasures. What I find to be the most effective way of being a happy healthy person is to understand and connect with our bodies by tuning in to what it's truly asking for. Let's do our best to erase the shame or guilt that comes along with wanting the big bowl of ice cream and listen to what our bodies could truly be telling us when we're craving it. Sugars to boost energy? Some healthy fats? Calcium?

When we're able to do this, we can then be able to really nourish ourselves and start to find the joy in maintaining those healthier habits. It's likely that when we are satisfying those cravings or desires with the less healthy option it won't be sufficed for long. So as we begin to give our bodies the nutrients it's truly asking us for, these cravings begin to disappear and our eating patterns can more easily change!

Now this isn't to say that I don't enjoy a savory vegan pizza or always avoid the amazing, tasty options when going out to eat! But think of how would it feel to truly want to eat all the yummy, clean, whole foods that the world has to offer vs. feeling restricted, shameful, or unsatisfied.

If you deal with food cravings and would like to better understand how to connect to your truest self while nourishing your temple, let's chat about working together to get your body flooded with some whole food nutrition!

Hope you got the chance to eat what your body really wanted today!

If you're looking to take control over your health & happiness by taking a holistic approach, consider joining myself & my group of beautiful women on a similar path as we take on the Autumn Alignment Challenge.

In this 2-week online group activity, we'll take small steps each day towards restoring balance & harmony in our lives so that we can easily achieve our beautiful life's goals!

Does this resonate with you? Click here to set up a time to chat!

Stay *vegan* cheesin' for no reason!

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