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Easy Ways To Give (Resource List For Giving Back)

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

Do you have a longing in your heart to make a positive impact in the world?

This is a list of really simple ways to start you on your journey of doing good in the world. There's websites to help feed the hungry, apps to link you volunteer opportunities, plus super easy tips that help to make a difference!

  • What better way than volunteering for a great cause? Shelters are always welcoming to new volunteers all year round

  • (super easy to navigate click to donate site)

  • Get crafty! Sew or knit some blankets, mittens, hats, etc to donate during these cold months.

  • (answer correct and donate rice)

  • (like freerice, answer correct and donate beans)

  • Foster animals to allow shelters more room for fur babies!

  • (app to help find volunteer opportunities)

  • Tutor students, teach languages, or anything else in which you have expertise!

  • Food drives & toy donations are immensely helpful all year round, but especially as we get closer to the holidays. (Here's a link to help you find a donation drop off near you.)

  • Shop with brands that you know give back! Some easy ones that come to mind are Tom's or Newman's Own. My advice would be to create a list of items you need and do a little search to see if you can shop with someone who donates the proceeds! (There's a list below to check out too)

  • Set up a community tag sale that will donate the profits to a wonderful organization.

  • Get your pup certified as a therapy dog to bring some cheer into other's lives.

  • At many grocery stores and other retail chains, they will ask you when checking out if you'd like to donate to the charity they sponsor, say YES!

  • (Become a volunteer for this site to talk to those dealing with tough times)

  • Get involved in 5ks or other events hosted by nonprofits or volunteer at some.

  • Be neighborly! Offer a lending hand to elderly neighbors during these winter months.

  • Here's a great article about what to look for in a non profit when you want to get involved.

  • Go low waste! Save the planet by becoming low impact/zero waste or even just making small adjustments like doing without a straw next time you go out to eat!

  • Give blood!

  • Switch to Ecosia search engine- for every 8 searches you make, a tree gets planted!

  • A lot of museums donate profits from their gift shops to various organizations. Stop by one that's local to you to ask about where they donate to or shop their gift shops online!

  • Find a bank that's affiliated with a non profit and bank with them to create a difference.

  • Sign up for text message alerts for easy one click donations or petitions!

  • This awesome site helps you host a wine tasting event that helps to give back!

Some great organizations to get involved with:

(If you know any foundations/organizations that support a wonderful cause, please reach out to me & let me know! I'd love to support!)

Stores that give back: