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Dirty Dozen Vs. Clean 15 Free Cheat Sheet

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

Hey lovely souls, it's been sometime since I wrote to you on here. I've been soaking up the sunshine in each moment that I can here in the rainy spring of New England.

With springtime here, I can be rest assured that the farmer's markets will be opening up soon and all their locally grown, organic produce will be gorgeous sight for sore eyes. It also got me thinking about how grateful I am to be able to access these wonderful foods as it is not always accessible for people to reach organic (and local!) produce.

I decided to put together a little cheatsheet for those who are still new to the organic world. The Dirty Dozen are the produce items that must always be purchased organically, as they are usually riddled with yucky things we don't want in our bodies. BUT the Clean Fifteen are the produce items we are safe to buy without being organic, typically this is because the rhine or skin is thick enough to keep any damaging agents out from the produce itself.

If you'd like to download the FREE cheatsheet, click here!

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