Day Tripping Essentials List

Packing up the car and my "carry on" bag to keep in the front seat has become a breeze for me, but I remember the days of making lists upon lists of what things I might need. So that's why I've put together for you a list of the day trip essentials!

🚥 A tune up! Make sure we're treating that vehicle with good lovin's so you can have a safe and effortless trip.

🚥 A great playlist! Listen along with me here

🚥 Waze GPS app is fantastic! It will let you know about cops, speed limits, objects/vehicles on the road, & awesome traffic updates. (I always suggest going old school and saving a photo of a map, juuuuuust in case your cell service is anything like mine!)

🚥 Can't forget snacks! If I've learned anything from road trips, it's that I love pretzels. Popcorn is an easy snack and great to pop ahead.

🚥 I always stock up on napkins that I was given from take away orders- great for when the rest stop bathroom is out of paper towels!

🚥 A pillow and blanket for when it's time to switch off! Don't drive if your eyes are feeling at all strained!

🚥 If you're feeling tourist-y, pack the camera or drone for great shots! I always love candids on reusable film cameras!

🚥 Mad libs are always fun to pass the time!

🚥 Find the scenic route with apps like Roadtrippers or Alltrails

🚥 Sunglasses! Sun-visors weren't made with the people under 5'4 in mind I guess.

🚥 An open mind! Remember that you can make even a 45 minute trip a wild adventure!

Safe travels to you all

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