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I have loved working with crystal healing and wisdom for all types of mental, physical, & spiritual purposes. One of my favorite reasons to work with crystals though- is to help strengthen the intuition.

Strengthening the intuition is something that will take a lot of time, focus, & #intentional action but using wonderful tools like healing minerals can assist in that work.

If you're completely unsure about how to get started working with your intuition, I recommend checking out my webinar "Connecting With Intuition" as a great starting point. There I discuss what the intuition is, how to identify it in daily life, & some practices to begin working with it.

But- if you've already been working to strengthen your intuition, some earth treasures are always a great addition to the spiritual tool kit! A fantastic way to harness the mineral's energy for heightening your intuition is to meditate with the crystal. Ask the crystal questions before meditating to get acquainted with its energy and any messages it's #wisdom might have for you. Or, you can meditate laying down with the crystal on your forehead, slightly above and between the brow where the Third Eye energy center is located.

This is a powerful way to bring more healing, balance, & energy to the chakra that is most connected to our intuitive abilities. However, it's good to keep in mind that chakra healing/work should be down from the Root up to create a firm foundation in your spiritual path! There are tons of ways to connect through the intuition through the other chakra centers too.

The sacral chakra is also a wonderful center of the body to balance for increased intuitive ability. This is the energy center that creates life, strength, & creativity! Connected to the womb (#feminine) energy, this is is a wonderful area of the being to focus on for a strong intuitive sense. You can also meditate with healing minerals on this center for strengthening your intuition as well.

Here are my 5 favorite crystals to help in heightening your intuitive senses!


One of my all-time favorite crystals to work with, this mineral is one of the most powerful intuitive stones. Known for restoring harmony and balance from the Crown chakra down through the being, this mineral brings us to a place of inner balance to truly connect with our inner being and our spiritual guides. Often referred to as the "Shaman Stone", it is used by intuitives to protect and strengthen their energy during spiritual work!


This crystal is known for it's amazing healing to the Sacral center. Often revered for its mood-balancing properties, this crystal works with womb #energy to create a balance and fluidity in emotions, thoughts, and decisions making it incredible for tapping into intuition and trusting it.

Blue Goldstone

Another one from my favorites! This manmade beauty is known for it's calming and dreamlike properties that aid in distinguishing & speaking our authentic truth. Often called the "Empath Stone", this mineral is truly powerful in transmuting energy, helping those sensitive to energy to release what doesn't serve them. Thus, making it easier to follow our heightened intuitive gift instead of battle it!


Amethyst is frequently relied on for the soothing qualities that make it ideal for anxiety or restless children. However, Amethyst is a very high vibrational crystal that has many more incredible properties to be harnessed and celebrated. Working with both the Crown and Third Eye chakras, this crystal promotes connection to higher self, guides, angels, whatever divine guidance you feel drawn to. It is an amazing mineral to assist in meditation and #astralprojection practices which are ways to connect with our inner knowing.


This ethereal mineral's name is derived from the Latin word for "heavenly", connecting us with divine guidance. This mineral is known for assisting in spiritual journeys by promoting more balance and energy in the Crown & 8th chakra, the Soul Star chakra which is outside of our physical body and a part of our energy body. Often worked with to stimulate psychic abilities, this mineral is great for working with any spiritual #medium or divination. Particularly helpful in aiding in recalling and creating precognitions or dreamwork.

I hope these crystal picks help you navigate your journey as you incorporate more crystal healing! Stay (vegan) cheesin' for no reason!

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