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Crystals That Help Ease Up the effects Of Mercury Retrograde

That's right, I said "retrograde". The word that sends chills up the spines of the new age & spiritual community. But for my long time readers, you'll probably know that it's just Mercury doing it's thing. And that it's effects are really just ways that we can learn more about our connection and communication with others.

If you'd like to learn more about what the Mercury Retro really is, here's a link to a post that walks you through it!

So let's get right to it, here's some amazing minerals that will help ease up those effects of this retrograde!


This one is ESSENTIAL for me to have effective communication throughout a retrograde (and honestly the rest of the year too, who am I kidding). I swear by this mineral so much that I wear it around my neck almost the entire Mercury retro. It's known as the mediator's stone- it helps rid of miscommunication, disagreements, and helps us to react calmly to confrontations. He aids in speaking our truth, having more clear conversation, and all around helping people to understand one another! It's also what I like to refer as a generating stone as it doesn't absorb energy but just radiates it own cleansing and peaceful vibrations.


Super grounding stone that does a great job of absorbing the energy that does not serve us. This crystal is wonderful for combating that shifty energy and keeping our feet on the ground during this time of more heightened energy. Since it does absorb the nasty stuff we may have been exposed to, it needs lots of love and attention with cleansing after wear or use.

Blue Lace Agate

This sweet and serene stone is great for having calm conversations. It's energy is super tranquil and peaceful, this will help take the edge off of any confrontations or disagreements


Helps us to release stress or worry so we can have clearer thinking and better concentration. A great stone for communication for those who get a little anxious in social situations.


A great mineral for improving inner harmony, great for communicating gracefully and express from the heart.


It's that sunshine stone! Brighten up the conversation and see perspectives change with this warm hug of a crystal. Also great for helping us to let go of what isn't serving us and to see what areas of our life my be stagnant. Since we know that mercury retro is here to show all the ties, contracts, and plans that need to fall through. (;

Hope these crystals help you to feel a little more reassurance as we got through of few weeks of Mercury's fun and games. Sending you love and light!

Stay smiling!

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