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Cosmic Love With Rose Aura Quartz

So What Does It Look Like?

A rose quartz treated with a titanium, gold, or platinum finish to give it an iridescence.

Rose Aura Quartz's Info

Chakra: Heart & Third Eye

Sign: All

Working With Rose aura Quartz

Known to be the stone of unconditional love, place on heart chakra during meditation to aid in opening.

Said to work wonders with self love, self compassion, & self worth.

Working with third eye and heart chakra, this crystal can connect you to universal love & cosmic wisdom.

Connects deeply with those working through body image or rejections.

When treated with platinum, can be very useful in connecting to angel & spirit guides.

Helps to heal the auric field.

An emotional healing crystal but also said to boost immune systems.

High vibrational, will help work through deep rooted problems and beliefs.

Truly a heart stone, I like to think of this mineral as a shower of self love. Try using her energy during self care rituals and to help dispel and limiting beliefs you may have of yourself! I hope you enjoyed learning about this lovely crystal, she'll be available in the shop tonight!