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Cleansing Your Space & Spirit

We all have those times when we start to feel our vibration lower. The feeling of lethargy, moodiness, sadness, less creativity; energies will just begin to feel quite stagnant. When I begin to feel this shift in the energy whether it be within my spirit or my home, I take a few steps to cleanse.


Smudging has been my instinctual way of cleansing for as long as I can remember. The comforting smell of the sage leaves brings me right back to my childhood home, the sounds of my mother's rhythmic drumming lulling me into a state of peace as the sage smoke cleansed our spirits and our space. Burning sage not only soothes the spirit but has also been found to rid of approximately 90% of bacteria within the home and is able to keep bacteria from reoccurring almost 4x better than the typical aerosol sprays. Palo santo & incense are wonderful sacred tools for smudging as well.

To smudge, simply burn your herb. Allow the smoke to dance around your body, cleansing your essence. Keep your intentions strong, feel yourself releasing whatever negativites are weighing your spirit down. To smudge your space, walk around your home with your smudging tools and allow the smoke to move throughout the room. (I find that the smoke moves towards area of the body and home that need cleansing, but go with your intuition!) As I walk through my home and smudge, I say aloud what energies I'd like to release and what energies I welcome in.

Cosmic Cleanse

I often like to take time out of my day, when feeling my vibration low, to step outside and find light. Whether is be sun or moon light, both will bask your skin and charge up your spirit. I like to lay out a blanket at night to star gaze, to connect with the moon's energy and my intuition on what I may need to release in my life that is pulling me away from feeling like my highest Self. Sunshine is a wonderful energizer for when feeling low energy!


Meditating and connecting to spirit guides can always be a beautiful cleanse. Meditation can leave our soul feeling light and calm, raising us up to a higher vibration! However, reaching meditation can become frustrating for beginners. So perhaps, putting on some 741 hz music and resting your eyes could be a great recharge (and will likely bring you to meditation without meaning to!) A great chant to go along with this would be "voo", letting the vibrations resonate within your belly, breathing fully and naturally!


Water can cleanse us in many more ways than people tend to think! Yes, it can clean us physically (which always helps the spirit feel light too) but submerging in water helps us move through emotional blockages. Taking an epsom salt bath or a dip in the ocean will help to regulate the nervous system and let our negative emotions to flow through us in a healthy way. Even just taking a warm shower while envisioning any unwanted energies or emotions washing off your body and spirit and going down the drain can be a very alleviating cleanse.

Tidying Up

Somedays after a bad house guest or negative communication within the home, unwanted energies can linger in our space, lowering our vibrations gradually (or not so gradually as I've come to find out lol). Sometimes shifting around some furniture, washing the dishes, and decluttering can create an immense flow of energy within our homes. Similar to the idea when smudging, I walk through my home and speak to the walls and the doors, everything, telling my space what kind of energy I intend to create in my home. As well as what sort of energies are allowed to enter.

These are some of the most effective ways that I have come across to cleanse both spirit and home! It all truly boils down to intention, having a clear and strong idea of what you what to happen to the energy that you're currently feeling and what you'd like to see happen going forward.

Please note that as light beings, it may take multiple methods of cleansing and it may take multiple times of performing these methods before you truly feel their effects. As light beings, it's okay to need to cleanse frequently. Honoring your soul's need for restoration is a beautiful gift to Self.

Much love to you, stay smiling!

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