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Big Projects & The Magick Of Malachite

First, let me start off with- OH MY GOODNESS! I went to my first gem & mineral expo today in a town not too far from mine in Connecticut. I hadn't realized there was an expo held so close to home and was thrilled finding out a few weeks ago! I went in released of all expectations but with devoted intentions of having this be the start of something new- something I've been aspiring to do for AGES.

I'm creating an online crystal shop!!! I'm truly elated to be saying those words, it's been a dream of mine for so many years. Slowly, I've been compiling a collection of sacred minerals and have been able to experience the wonderful benefit of working with these pieces of the earth. Today propelled me in creating a hand picked collection that I can bring to you on here (very soon!). I'm eternally grateful for all that my minerals have been able to provide for me, and hope to share a piece that resonates as strongly with you. Please know that I choose these pieces with intention & intuition, cleanse them & charge them, as well as do extensive studying on their healing properties so you can be rest assured that you're getting a stone filled with love and light.

So What Does It Look Like?

Malachite is a rich green stone with light to dark green bands scattered around.

Malachite's Info

Chakra: Heart/Third Eye/Solar PLexus

Sign: Taurus

Month: April/March

Element: Earth

Malachite's Lore

The word Malachite derives from the Greek word "Melochite", meaning "mallow" green stone. Mallow referring to the leaves of the Mallow Plant. In ancient Egypt, Malachite was crushed into a powder and used for eyeshadow. The color green was associated with the idea of death and rebirth in Egyptian culture, hence thought of as the transformation stone.

Working With Malachite

Malachite is also referred to as the transformation stone.

Helpful for clearer thinking and emotional blockages.

Think of it as your purifier, removing physical and emotional toxicities.

Malachite is known to represent nature and all of it's healing, teaching you how to use what life provides you.

Travel stone! Malachite with help you with smooth travels and protect you on your journey.

Said to help to boost immune systems.

Known to be an aid in PMS symptoms and regulating cycles.

Said to be a good fortune stone!

Works to clear and activates all chakras, opens the heart chakra when ready to let go and start moving forward in life.

Helps to aid in spiritual and emotional healing.

Placing around your home can increase the flow of positive energy.

Malachite Likes/Dislikes

Malachite does not like salt.

Malachite likes to be paired with Obsidian.

Did You Know?

Using Malachite around your home can aid in a picky appetite and digestive problems.

Raw malachite is extremely toxic, beware of it's dust!

I truly, truly love the intense energies of Malachite. Anyone drawn to it will more than likely experience a profound connection to it! Check back here again soon as I plan to have more of my Crystal series up soon.

Stay Smiling

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