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Bath Magick Recipe: Reset Bath

As an HSP, I've grown to appreciate the restoration and relaxation that comes along with bath magick. Not only do these baths bring an ultimate feeling of serenity but they also help to reset the nervous system, allowing us to maintain levels of stress or discomfort. I've LOVED coming up with new soothing bath "recipes" in the last year or so, focusing on healing particular areas.

This recipe is for a Reset Bath! A yummy tub time to help release all that energy that has built up and is not serving you. This bath focuses on the Solar Plexus & Heart chakras (the empaths most overwhelmed chakras) so energy can begin flowing again, allowing our heart's to be open with unconditional love.


Yellow (solar plexus) & green (heart) candles

rosemary & lavender essential oils

epsom salts

healing crystals that call to you, I used malachite, citrine, rose quartz, & emerald (heart & solar plexus minerals!)

sage (or any cleansing herbs)

some relaxing tunes

Making the Bath

Begin filling the tub, add in a crystal to charge your bath water (Make sure it's one that likes water! I used a big Rose Quartz chunk in mine.) While the water is filling up, anoint your candles with the rosemary oil. Rosemary is corresponded with the heart chakra and known to have purification and heart opening properties. Once your candles are lit and placed around your tub (CAREFULLY, fires are not relaxing lol), lay out your crystals. I usually lay my crystals in a grid around the tub. Once the tub is all filled up, add in a few drops of lavender oil & your epsom salts (I don't measure anything, just go with what feels right!) Lavender works wonders for relaxation and said to be a purifier, while the magnesium in epsom salts help to amend our sensitive nervous systems. Next, burn some sage to smudge the bathroom and the bath water. Let your intentions be along the line of releasing energy that weighs you down and is not serving you. Lastly, put on those tunes and soak! Let this be a time of absolute leisure; try to treat it like a meditation, allowing your worries and racing thoughts to slip away. Once you're feeling released of tension and restraining energy, watch the water go down the drain. Think of all your stresses and negativities getting flushed away down the pipes and out of your life!

I hope this bath recipe bring as much peace to your mind, body, & soul as it did to mine. So much love to you beings!

Stay Smiling!

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