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Finding Spiritual Goodies In Urban Areas

A while back, I did a guest article on a witches blog that ended up being super resourceful for some friends of mine. So, I decided to do a similar article here!

I've seen more & more metaphysical shops popping up in all kinds of places due to the rise of spirituality in frequent years, BUT these lovely shops still aren't always accessible.

I want to briefly touch on the idea that there is no rule that states you can't be spiritual if you don't have metaphysical tools to work with. Everything you will ever truly need is right there within you.

With that being said, here are some awesome goodies for the spiritually inclined that can be accessed almost anywhere!

TJ Maxx

- journals

- glassware & colored jars

- natural oils like turmeric, avocado, etc

- 100% rosewater

- cinnamon and other herbs/spices

- occasionally they'll have crystal items

Dollar Tree (and other dollar stores)

- now selling incense

- candles

- mason jars and other glassware

- garden supplies & seeds in springtime

- spices/herbs

- plants (occasionally)

- check back frequently, they're often getting new items in that can be repurposed many ways!


- glassware

- garden items

- beads

- candles

- aromatherapy tools

- DIY supplies for just about everything (craft your craft!)


- tons of great literature to get you started

I must note that I support local artisans and small businesses OVER these options and highly encourage seeking out small businesses online that provide metaphysical tools. BUT, if you're in a bind these are great alternatives.

If you know of any others, comment your favorite unexpected witchy find below!

Stay (vegan) chessin' for no reason!


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