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7 Tips For A More Restful Sleep

Updated: May 5, 2020

When embarking on my own wellness journey many years ago, I was shocked to recover how my sleep had so many impacts on my everyday wellness. I began doing little practices here and there to see how I could better affect my night's sleep, and over time, these tips proved to be the most useful for me in having a restful and peaceful slumber.

First of all, having a healthy relationship with sleep starts with the way you think about it. If you are someone who struggles to sleep at night, stressing about getting home and getting to bed can actually create an adrenaline rush like effect on the body that will keep us a wired even longer. In essence, the more stressed you are about falling asleep- the harder it will be to get that shut-eye!

Instead, consider your body as the captain when it's bedtime. Tune in, listen to whether it's feeling restless, ungrounded, exhausted, etc. Listen to these cues but try not to create a judgment on whether they're right or wrong, but to be able to better care for what these signals mean. If you are unable to sleep at night, perhaps it's your body suggesting you exert a little more energy in a healthy way that will enable your body to then relax. Trying yoga, taking a walk at night after dinner, or maybe doing light work out a few hours before bedtime will help your body to release that energy so it can be more able to rest.

If your mind tends to keep you awake at night, consider this not a frustration, but a signal to somethings you might be better suited for doing before bed like journaling or meditation. These things are really useful for finding more peace of mind at night.

The biggest thing is to just allow your body to express what it's showing to you late at night. Fighting it or suppressing it might work occasionally but learning to tune into your body and craft a regiment that eases you into a better night's sleep would be my recommendation!

Cleanse Your Space

This to me is a way to set the tone that it's now time for my body to get into rest mode. Lighting sage is soothing enough on its own, but having it as part of my nightly routine signals my brain to get ready for rest. It also cleanses the energy of your being and the space around you so that the energy of the day can be neutralized; allowing for you to find relaxation more easily. As always, be very intentional as you cleanse your space. Either aloud or in your mind, have a clear purpose for your sage or incense to help you have a more restful sleep, sweeter dreams, & to wake up more refreshed.

I also struggle to sleep when there is clutter in my space. Those of you familiar with Feng Shui may already understand that clutter holds a lot of energy. But for those who don't practice this art, it can be a super big game-changer in sleep health when our space is clear of pent up energy or energy that needs to get sorted through by simply keeping our bedrooms more organized.


I love to use oils in many different ways, they have so many healing benefits and very apparent effects on our bodies and our moods. One of the biggest ways I see essential oils make a difference in my wellness is through diffusing them or misting them over my bedspread. To improve the quality of your night's sleep, try using oils like:

- lavender

- jasmine

- chamomile

- frankincense

- cedarwood

- or bergamot

Be sure to test the oils throughout the day before spraying on a bedspread to steer clear from any allergic reactions, but diffusing these beautiful earthly gifts can help us to have better dreams, deeper sleep, less restlessness, & waking up feeling more recharged.


I find it so interesting that I can do yoga to not only wake up and gain energy in the morning but also to relax my body and soothe it before sleep. Yoga truly makes such a huge impression on our inner and outer being, especially when practiced frequently. Doing a few yoga stretched before bed can get the body into a really peaceful and embodied place as you begin to rest. If you think about being in one position for more than a few hours, you will likely think that your body would get stiff. It only makes sense that stretching ourselves out before laying down to sleep can prevent stiffness and help us to wake up feeling more limber in the morning.


After a long day, the mind is sure to have a ton of thoughts, ideas, opinions, memories swirling about. It's just what we humans do, but we don't have to lay down for bed with our heads feeling clouded. Sitting down for even just a few minutes to give your mind the opportunity to just flow can be so alleviating to those who struggle to sleep due to their minds racing.

If you're new to meditation, think of yourself sitting next to a stream. The water is flowing nicely, and you're sitting there, very aware of your breath in this beautiful place. Every time your mind begins to drift off, place a leaf onto the flowing river, and watch the lead float away- that leaf is the thought. Don't try to fight it from happening, thoughts are sure to come. Just let it flow away from your mind after it shows up. It'll take time, consider meditation like a muscle of the mind that needs working out at first but then it becomes much easier to flow with.


Another wonderful practice for those with racing minds like myself is journaling! It is a great way to let all the thoughts that are happening inside your head come out, and be met through your body as you write them down. I encourage you to do this with pen & paper to invite a more physically embodied experience but typing it out allows for the same relaxation to occur.

Let the pen meet the paper or your thumb meet the keyboard and let all the thoughts just simply flow. Again, a stream- this time it's your stream of consciousness through words. Journaling helps us to make sense of some of the things that go on in our minds. It helps us get clear on what our real feelings, thoughts, decisions actually are. Journaling at night can be great for relaxing the mind before you sleep.


Working with crystals to promote a better sleep was the initial way that I started my wellness journey and my journey into crystal healing. I couldn't believe the tremendous differences I was seeing by using intention along with crystal grids & sleeping with crystals. To create amazing shifts in dreams, quality of sleep, and waking up feeling more positive, try working with crystals like:

- Amethyst

- Lepidolite

- Rose quartz

- Angelite

- Selenite

- Hematite


A huge tip that I couldn't leave out has to do with how we wake up! So often, I used to put in the effort to sleeping well and having lots of rest but then I would essentially waste it by waking up poorly. By this I mean, snoozing a bunch of times, keeping my room dark, staying in bed on my phone, all those things that lead us to end up feeling quite sluggish anyway- even if our sleep was wonderful! By waking up well and having a routine in place, I was able to actually feel the effects of what a good night's sleep is like. And trust me, if I can find a way to wake up and function in the morning- ANYONE CAN! lOL

I hope these tips helped you gain some ideas for how you can nurture your bedtime and have a more restful slumber!

Stay vegan cheesin' for no reason!

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