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7 Bullet Journal Entry Ideas To Help You Get Organized & Aligned

Looking to become more organized, productive, and aligned with your goals? Allow me to recommend Bullet Journaling! Bullet Journals are typically collections of journal entries, charts, monthly/weekly planners, trackers, and much more. Having a bullet journal can seriously make a huge difference in manifestations as well. Making easy action plans for the month ahead, keeping up with trackers, and creating healthy habits helps us to be sure that day to day life is in alignment with our goals.

If this new moon in sag has you itching to start something new or ready to head towards your goals, here's some fun BuJo ideas that make organization a breeze!

Gratitude List- a place in the front of the journal to come back to each day and write some things we're grateful for.

✘ Lunar Calendar- to keep up with energy shifts or lunar manifestations!

✘ Habit Tracker- a chart to watch habits with each month or week! Great for creating new routines.

✘ Whys- This is a page to write down your "whys" for certain goals your working towards to help keep you motivated during times of stress.

✘ Moon Time Tracker- a chart to record menstrual cycles to better prepare for a sacred moon time.

✘ Pages for artwork or any creative expression- as you're structuring your bullet journal each week/month/etc, leave blank pages here and there. When you approach it, you can intuitively select a way to creatively express yourself on that page.

✘ Spending Tracker- a place to list purchases made; including cost and how it made you feel when making the purchase & again after awhile of making it. This will really help to see what items were bringing joy into your life vs needless spending.

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