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5 ways to stay Grounded During Travel

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

As my boyfriend and I get packed up for a few road trips within the next few weeks, I've been thinking a lot about my need for routine. Having a morning routine set in place has helped me stay grounded & aligned in some really beautiful ways but keeping it can be tricky if you're constantly on the go or a guest in people's houses.

Here's some tips to help stay on track as you hit the road!

1. Keep up good food habits!

This is a big one for me. I can often find myself opting for the easy (often unhealthy) food items that I can take with me to eat if I don't take a moment to really make conscious food choices. If I'm staying at someone else house, I like to bring food with me for a few different reasons. 1 being that I don't like to eat all of my host's food and 2 being that I can plan to have some food choices that are healthy to avoid eating out a bunch of times. This also helps to save lots of money in that department!

Practicing mindful eating will really make a big difference too. By avoiding the mindless, on the road munchies, I am able to sit down and enjoy a meal that leaves me feeling present and very full! Some really grounding foods might be sweet potatoes, ginger tea (a great mindful practice all on it's own), carrots, onions/garlic, turnips, nuts, or turmeric.

2. Get Some Mindful Movement In

Yoga is my go to mindful movement, especially in the mornings. If you can find yourself a quiet spot to stretch yourself out intentionally, this can really help feeling connected through and through as you go on with your day. There's also yoga that can be done on planes, at a desks/sitting, or just about anywhere. Here's a few links to some yoga for the travelers (1 , 2 , 3, 4)

If yoga's not the route you wanna take ;P, there's always earthing or mindful walking that can be easily sneaked in when you've touched down in your destination!

3. Breath Work

Easy peasy, breath work can be done in a plane, in the rain, on a boat, in a moat LOL. Anywhere! I recommend doing an energizing breath work so that you can bring lively energy to your body as you're on the move. Ujjayi (or Ocean Breathing) is one of my favorites because it truly connects me to the present moment and brings a vivacious energy to my body. But there's also Alternate Nostril Breathing, Breath Of Fire, and many other pranayama exercises that can be done to help bring awareness to your body & the present moment to help get grounded.

4. Carry Some Grounding Items

We all know how much I love to work with crystals, but especially when I am on the go can you really find me gripping tightly to their energy. Any kind of Root Chakra crystal will be beneficial to staying grounded but some great ones for travel include Moonstone, Turitella Agate, Black Tourmaline, Shungite, Hematite, or Smokey Quartz.

Essential oils are awesome to work with while traveling as well. You can dash some onto yourself to wear throughout the day and feel their amazing effects as you go. I have an oil diffuser that sits in my air vents of my car and blows a delightful aromatherapy as I bop around! Some grounding oils would be sandalwood, frankinscene, myrrh, cedarwood, patchouli, cinnamon or ylang ylang!


The best part of traveling isn't necessarily the destination, the journey itself can be so fulfilling. By living in the moment and taking in as much of your experience you can, it'll be hard not to feel so innately connect to the word around you. If you're traveling to nature- feel the trees, splash the rivers, smell fresh air! If you're going to a city- people watch, observe sounds, smell all the different fragrances there too. Sometimes we miss the best opportunities of being connected to our bodies and our experiences simply by focusing too hard on how to get grounded so we can have better experience. We're so mystifying and paradoxical in that way.

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Have fun, travel bugs! And stay smiling!

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