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5 Favorites Of May

Happy June! I'm always so elated when this time of year comes back around. Not only do I love the Gemini season and it's summer sunshine weather, but it's also the month of the Summer Solstice. My favorite sabbat!

I thought that a great way to bring the lovely month of May to a close would be to share with you some of my favorite practices, products, & more.

Check it out!



My first favorite of the month was probably my favorite on the list! This incredible #yoga flow, crafted by Nourished Natasha for the #NewMoon in Gemini that happened mid-May, was truly sooo powerful and a great way to work with the amazing throat #chakra energy that Gemini is all about!



Second up on the list is a product I have been using for a while now and just have to recommend to my fellow #allnatural beauties out there! I have shopped around for AGES for the best all-natural deodorant that wasn't leaving me feeling pasty, smelly after a few hours, or just not effective at all.

I was even trying DIY deodorants and the whole nine yards but really nothing was cutting it. Eventually, I landed on Schmidtt's brand deodorant and tried out their jar version in Vanilla & Rose. And while I wasn't a huge fan of the fragrance, the formula itself seemed to be working for me really well. I decided to try out the Lavender & Sage scented one on my next #cosmetic re-up and loooooved how fragrant it was without the use of chemicals and artificial smells. I ended up opting for the stick, for some reason the formula lasted longer and applied easier. However, the jar option is for sure the better alternative for an #ecofriendly cosmetic!



You didn't think I would leave a #crystal pick off the list, did you!? The mineral I resonated with powerfully all through May was the beautiful Selenite. I began gravitating towards it whenever I would sit down to #meditate and felt intuitive pulls to bring more of it into my home & also offer it here on the True Spirit Shop!

I keep #Selenite around my home primarily for its #cleansing and dispelling properties, tucked away in door frames, and placed next to Himalayan lamps where I charge & cleanse my other crystals. But throughout May, I found myself wanting to carry pieces in my pockets and sit with them in moments of low vibrations. This mineral truly is a soothing lil earth gift and funny enough- happens to correspond with the energy of the month of May and sign of Taurus.

To learn more about the amazing healing energy of Selenite, check out the Working With: Selenite here!



Another favorite practice of mine from the month of May was dry brushing! I started this practice around a year ago and immediately felt a difference in the texture and elasticity of my #skin! I've been highly recommending this practice to friends of mine for a while now but I wanted to share it with you, here.

#Drybrushing stimulates circulation & blood flow, improves lymphatic functioning, unclogs pores, improves stress on the body, and has many more wonderful benefits too.

Not only has this practice helped my skin to glow and feel amazing, but it's helped improve my acne, alleviated my #lymphatic cysts, & decreased the appearance of stretch marks on my ever-changing body.

Please consult with a doctor if you are diabetic as it inferiors with circulation!



And lastly on my favorites list, another wonderful skincare practice that #exfoliates and nourishes the skin! I wrote a #DIY on my blog not long ago, you can view my Summer Skin DIY article here.

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