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My 4 Favorite Crystals For the Heart Space

I think right now more than ever, we could all use a little something extra for opening up the heart space. The space of authenticity, connection, unconditional love.

If not for the relationships you have around you in a time more isolating than ever then nurture this energy center for yourSELF.

We, human beings, are simply put- social creatures. We need relationships, emotional support, human contact, intimacy to thrive as a being. Identifying that we need any of these things is nothing to be ashamed of or even further disheartened by.

In fact, there's an immediate solution. We have endless ways in which we can show ourselves this emotional nourishment to keep ourselves feeling supported and connected in the time being.

One of my favorite ways to increase the self lovin' is with some potent heart center crystals. These minerals are ones that work powerfully with the Heart Chakra to open up, clear out, and promote healthier & stronger bonds in the future.

If you're looking for some crystal healing to work with your heart space and open up to unconditional love for yourself and the world around you, check out the list of My 4 Favorite Crystals For The Heart Space below.

1. Rose Quartz

Of course, the most commonly know crystal for all the mushy gushy vibes! This variation of Quartz resides at a frequency that is known to promote #soothing, relief anguish, and promote more feelings of love by clearing out harmful energy located in the heart space and opening this energy center up for more powerful and high vibrational connections.

I've often mentioned how this mineral is said to strengthen #bonds between the gifter and the giftee! Especially when gifted between mother and child. Stimulate an open heart connection with a #gift of Rose Quartz!

Read more about working with Rose Quartz here.

Shop for Rose Quartz here.

2. Malachite

#Malachite is the ultimate Heart Chakra healing stone. Providing in some super soothing #energy to help move through pain regarding the heart and painlessly as possible. It's said you can rely on this beauty for #transformation, completely letting go and moving through situations with a peaceful mind after dealing with matters of the heart.

3. Rose Aura Quartz

This incredible #manmade variation of Rose Quartz is treated with the amazing #metals of titanium, platinum, or even #gold finish to give it the iridescent finish. Making this crystal an incredibly #highvibrational mineral that promotes unconditional love that comes from higher insight & #divine connection.

Working with this mineral allows us to tap into our #higherself and make more conscious choices out of love and from the heart space. Rose Aura Quartz is quite a wonderful mineral for #healing relationships and building safe connections.

Read more about the Rose Aura Quartz properties here.

4. Emerald

Emerald is a very deep and #emotional mineral to me. It's said to promote #unconditionallove between people and stimulate deeply connected #relationships. The frequency of Emerald is said to improve with releasing into feelings of #trust, loyalty, and #commitment, making it a wonderful mineral to gift between #partners.

I hope you enjoyed this little list I put together for crystal to work with the heart space. Let me know what minerals you gravitate towards when you are feeling like working with the lovely energy of the Heart Chakra.

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