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4 Simple Ways To Immediately Reduce Stress

Here's some methods I like to come back to when I am faced with a situation where I am needing to bring down my stress levels quickly and effectively!

Mindfulness- I know, you've heard it before! But this one practice really resonates with me in times when I am in an overwhelmed kind of stress! Using the method STOP

S- Stop whatever you are doing & just pause

T- Take a breath, come back to your body a bit by regulating your breathing with a 4, 4, 4 count

O- Observe your surroundings to connect more to your being, your emotions to see if there's a specific one that comes through to be worked through, or thoughts that might come to mind but try to not to get stuck on them- just simply observe without attaching. Allow yourself to just really observe what's going on for you for a moment, notice what things create a rise in emotions or thought patterns.

P- Proceed with something that makes you feel connected to your beautiful being or present! This is a great time to check out your joy menu if you have trouble remembering these amazing things you love during times of overwhelm!

Earthing (or just going for a walk!)- Take a moment to bring your focus to your body as you walk. If you can take your feet off and connect to the Earth below you, that's even better! But either way, just spend time noticing your heel connecting to the ground, then your sole, then your toes. Notice the way your bones and muscles work and move all the way up your leg as you take your step. Bring this focus and awareness to your other foot as you take your next step. Continue onward really focusing on your body and all the beautiful tiny movements it makes as your mind & tensions begin to settle.

Hop in the shower! Take a nice warm, cozy shower (or bath if time allows it!) and feel your body loosen up under the massaging water droplets. Bring your attention to how your posture changes, give your body time to be relaxed. Bring in essential oils for an even more effective steamy shower!

Breathwork- give yourself a moment at any time in any place by using the mudra shown below. Begin doing breathwork with the inhale by 4 seconds, hold for 4 second, exhale by 4 seconds and bring awareness to whatever areas of the body you feel your stress or tension leaving from. Is it your shoulders or back? Are you dropping your shoulder blades or feeling your rib expand ever so slightly? Give thanks to your body for regulating as you do this breathwork and mudra

Hope these methods come in handy the next time you're feeling stressed out! Stay smiling!

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