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16 Words To AVOID When Manifesting

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Hey there, manifestors! I am so so thrilled with how much love my recent posts have received around the topic of creating our dream lives right before our very eyes. For those of you who know me well, you'll likely know me to be someone who actively talks about #intention, gratitude, manifesting, and basically just outright talking to the big beautiful #Universe.

Once I began studying the Universal Laws, more specifically the Law Of Attraction, I began to awaken to the idea of just how powerful our speech is in creating the world we see around us.

When we speak, we create #vibration and whether we are consciously working with it or not- the Law of Attraction will work with this vibration to bring more of that into our lives. That's right, we are continuously #manifesting the very world we live in simply by speaking. (I talk all about #frequency and how to work with vibration to easily tune into the energy we are seeking in my new youtube video that will be coming out shortly!)

When discovering just how much my negative #talkinghabits were not only lowering my own vibration but the vibrations of others and my direction in life, it was hard to ignore just how much that vibrational #shift will ripple outwards. Thus provoking the question, what would it attract? So I stick to the age-old motto- if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all.

There were times my Three-Fold Law reasoning felt selfish, as though I was only saying the great things aloud so that great things will come back to me. But over time, through becoming #conscious of the way I was #communicating and what things I was saying to others who truly heard me, I was able to have deeper & more meaningful conversations with people I greatly valued #connecting with. These conversations tend to be more treasured, thoughtful, & whole, and what comes from them is a more genuine and powerful connection that would've otherwise may not have happened had we not been so #present in the exchange.

I'm sure you've all heard the famous phrase, "Abracadabra". The line right before the magician makes something appear before your very eyes. Though the word's true origin is unknown, it's first appearances were made in second century Hebrew & Middle Eastern literature; meaning, "I will create as I speak". It was also engraved in amulets, talisman, charms, and other words through temples, pyramids, and more; thought of as a way to dispel #negativity and cure. While reading through this etymology, I can't help but raise the question of how #healing and powerful our words could just truly be?

I started to closely pay attention to how I was writing out my intentions & manifestations. I chose high vibrational words to power my #affirmations. I began the 21 Day Complaint Challenge (and I'm still working on it!). And I noticed the words that were the most powerful vibration of them all- the words that keep us from our dreams coming into reality...










Kind of







I hope this gives you a little more insight on how to have clear, strong, & rapid manifestations in your #dreamlife!

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